GARY MOORE – Corridors Of Power [Japan SHM-CD miniLP remastered +3] (2023) *HQ*


Fortunately the excellent SHM-CD format used in Japan hasn’t been shelved, and now Universal Music Japan is reissuing in 2023 masterpieces from GARY MOORE in a miniLP / cardboard sleeve cover artwork and the latest remastered sound, plus bonus tracks.
Corridors Of Power” was the first of Irish guitar virtuoso Gary Moore’s true metal / hard rock albums. Featuring the same terrific rhythm section of Whitesnake at the time – Neil Murray on bass & ex-Deep Purple Ian Paice on drums – and produced by the highly requested Jeff Glixman, “Corridors Of Power” impressed the Rock community when appeared.
Boasting a crisp, aggressive sound, “Corridors Of Power” kicks off with the foot-stomping ‘Don’t Take Me for a Loser’, which is almost more Whitesnake than Whitesnake with the driving rhythm section and catchy hook. Gary’s lead vocals are fierce and fits the song greatly, yet with a more polished or dare I say ‘full-time’ vocalist (Coverdale perhaps?) it could probably have made the singles chart.

‘Always Gonna Love You’ is like a slightly more British sounding REO Speedwagon and is another quality track. Next up we get the strange choice of Free cover ‘Wishing Well’ which surprisingly works rather well given that although Moore’s vocals are more than competent he is certainly no Paul Rodgers and his guitar style is far heavier than that of Paul Kossoff.

‘Falling In Love With You’ is a true early Eighties big ballad, one of my favs from Moore’s catalogue, however, the album’s climax has to be the epic “End of the World,” with it’s two-minute long guitar solo intro and vocals courtesy of Cream’s Jack Bruce.

Then we have ‘Rockin Every Night’ featuring Paice’s great drumming. In fact Paice gets a writing credit so significant is his input to the song.
Moore’s vocal shines again in the track ‘Cold Hearted’ which is up next, again quite Whitesnake and a little Thin Lizzy in the guitar part. Album closer ‘I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow’ is another classy heavy epic. It is almost like a heavy Parisienne Walkways and ensures the album ends on a high note.

The bonuses in this remastered reissue are really enjoyable: the rare, alternate version of ‘Falling In Love With You’ remixed by Steve Levine originally only released as single, the B-side instrumental (delicious) version of ‘Falling In Love With You’, and the atmospheric midtempo ‘Love Can Make A Fool Of You’ – a great track.

“Corridors Of Power” is a real gem in Gary Moore’s discography, for many, his finest moment. It’s a true early ’80s hard rock album with all the magic British sound of the era akin Whitesnake, some of the Americanized Rainbow, etc.
This Japanese SHM-CD is perhaps the one which makes most of the difference in terms of quality, as despite of being a quite dated production everything comes clear and the guitar solos are in your face like never before.
Highly Recommended



01 – Don’t Take Me For A Loser
02 – Always Gonna Love You
03 – Wishing Well
04 – Gonna Break My Heart Again
05 – Falling In Love With You
06 – End Of The World
07 – Rockin’ Every Night
08 – Cold Hearted
09 – I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow
10 – Falling In Love With You [Remix]
11 – Falling In Love With You [Remix Instrumental]
12 – Love Can Make A Fool Of You [B-side]

Gary Moore – lead and rhythm guitars, lead and backing vocals
Ian Paice – drums, percussion
Neil Murray – bass guitar
Tommy Eyre – keyboards
additional personnel:
John Sloman – backing vocals
Jack Bruce – co-lead vocals (6)
Bobby Chouinard – drums (6)
Mo Foster – bass (5)
Don Airey – keyboards (5)



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