ALDO NOVA – 2.0 Reloaded (2022)

ALDO NOVA - 2.0 Reloaded (2022) full

Canadian singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist ALDO NOVA is really busy this year. Few weeks ago Nova put out the first chapter of his larger-than-life rock opera, a 10-song EP titled “The Life and Times of Eddie Gage”.
Now Nova is ready to release next Friday “2.0 Reloaded” including turbocharged versions of some of his biggest songs which include ‘Blood On The Bricks’, ‘Monkey On Your Back’, ‘Under the Gun’, ‘Foolin’ Yourself’, ‘Ball and Chain’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Fantasy’ – and a new song called ‘I’m A Survivor’.

Aldo Nova arrived on the scene in the early ’80s and lit the rock world on fire with his timeless rock classic “Fantasy”. Other hit singles would follow but he quickly began to bow out of the rock game, becoming frustrated by the business and the market that was quickly shifting, first to glam metal then to grunge.

He would later find success as a songwriter working closely with Céline Dion and writing hits like “A New Day Has Come,” “Your Light,” “I Can’t Fight the Feeling” and “You and I.” He even won a Grammy Award in the category of “Album of the Year” for co-writing and producing three songs from her diamond-selling album Falling Into You.
His songwriting would extend to help artists like Faith Hill, Carole King, Clay Aiken and Blue Öyster Cult release hit records.

Now after an almost fifteen-year hiatus Aldo Nova is back with an incredibly prolific output of material. It begins with the release of ‘The Life and Times of Eddie Gage’, a rock opera that tells the story of a prodigious ingénue who breaks into the music industry, skyrockets to fame and soon faces personal failures and ultimately, redemption. He began building it in 2008.
Many years later the final production includes a 40-piece orchestra and a full gospel choir. It’s a magnificent return and a reflection of how broad and striking his musical talents have always been.

He follows this up with ”Aldo Nova 2.0 Reloaded”. It features versions of nine classic Aldo Nova songs, and includes another disc with no lead vocal so fans can sing along.
This throwback to the “Music Minus One” series offers fans the opportunity to find their own “voices” within Aldo’s best known songs, and maybe develop talents they didn’t even know they had.

We really like these new, updated versions. All are more rocking, punchier that the originals, updated to modern times. The originals still are the best, of course, however it’s cool to hear these ’80s penned songs with 2022 Nova’s vision & production.
Highly Recommended


Disc I
1 – Blood on the Bricks 2.0
2 – Monkey on Your Back 2.0
3 – Under the Gun-War Suite 2.0
4 – Foolin’ Yourself 2.0
5 – Ball and Chain 2.0
6 – Paradise 2.0
7 – Modern World 2.0
8 – Fantasy 2.0
9 – I’m a Survivor (NEW song)

Disc II
1 – Blood on the Bricks 2.0 (No Lead Vocal)
2 – Monkey on Your Back 2.0 (No Lead Vocal)
3 – Under the Gun-War Suite 2.0 (No Lead Vocal)
4 – Foolin’ Yourself 2.0 (No Lead Vocal)
5 – Ball and Chain 2.0 (No Lead Vocal)
6 – Modern World 2.0 (No Lead Vocal)
7 – Fantasy 2.0 (No Lead Vocal)
8 – I’m a Survivor 2.0 (No Lead Vocal)

All vocals, instruments, production: Aldo Nova

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