BIBLE BLACK (ex Elf, Rainbow members) – The Complete Recordings 1981-1983 (2022)

BIBLE BLACK (ex Elf, Rainbow members) - The Complete Recordings 1981-1983 (2022) full

BIBLE BLACK are one of the best kept secrets of the US Metal scene from the early 80s, and now their album “The Complete Recordings 1981-1983” will be released on April 14th compiling all their unreleased tapes.
Bible Black was an East Coast American band formed by former ELF/RAINBOW musicians Gary Driscoll and Craig Gruber, along with Andrew “Duck” McDonald (BLUE CHEER). The band’s longest tenured singer was Jeff Fenholt, well known for his brief stint with TONY IOMMI’s BLACK SABBATH and his work with the band JOSHUA. The band also featured Lou Marullo who later became known as the one and only Eric Adams (MANOWAR)… and Joey Belladonna who of course went on to join ANTHRAX.
All three vocalists recorded demos with Bible Black between the periods of 1981-1983. This CD for the first time compiles all recorded works of the band in one place.
Restored and remastered by Patrick Engel and licensed directly from the last surviving member Andrew “Duck” McDonald we can now hear one of the great lost bands and a piece of Heavy Metal history.

Sadly Gary Driscoll, Craig Gruber and Jeff Fenholt have all since passed away, making this release a fitting epitaph to their time together as Bible Black.
Musically this is very much late Seventies Rainbow / early Eighties Black Sabbath in style. These are demos with fine sound quality, enough to appreciate in full all the music, and with the sheer pedigree of the players involved well worth a listen.
Highly Recommended


01 – Gone (Eric Adams Vocals)
02 – Metal Man (Eric Adams Vocals)
03 – Back To Back (Eric Adams Vocals)
04 – Down On The World (Jeff Fenholt Vocals)
05 – Ain’t No Crime (Jeff Fenholt Vocals)
06 – Fighting The Wind (Jeff Fenholt Vocals)
07 – Back Door (Jeff Fenholt Vocals)
08 – Paint It Black (Jeff Fenholt Vocals)
09 – Fires Of Old (Jeff Fenholt Vocals)
10 – You Got Me Where You Want Me (Jeff Fenholt Vocals)
11 – Deceiver (Joey Belladonna Vocals)
12 – Midnight Dancer (Joey Belladonna Vocals)
13 – Gone (Jeff Fenholt Vocals)
14 – Metal Man (Jeff Fenholt Vocals)

Gary Driscoll (Elf, Rainbow) – drums
Craig Gruber (Elf, Rainbow, Gary Moore) – bass
Andrew “Duck” McDonald (Blue Cheer) – guitar
Jeff Fenholt (Joshua) – vocals
Eric Adams (Mamowar) – vocals
Joey Belladonna (Anthrax) – vocals


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