EUROPE – The Final Countdown [Rock Candy remastered +6]

EUROPE - The Final Countdown [Rock Candy remaster +6] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested many times, here’s this classic album in all its glory. Finally Rock Candy specialists did their own remastered version of EUROPE‘s classic “The Final Countdown”. It includes 6 bonus tracks: the live versions of title track, ‘Danger On The Track (Live)’ and ‘Carrie (Live)’, plus the single B-sides ‘Seven Doors Hotel (1986 Version)’ & ‘On Broken Wings’, and what makes this reissue unique is the addition of the rare Remix of ‘Rock The Night’ – also a B-side but previously unavailable on CD.

You don’t need a review of “The Final Countdown”, a world-wide smash hit album and a classic.
This Rock Candy remaster is powerful, more punchy than the previously available. In my opinion, tracks like ‘Cherokee’ or ‘On The Loose’ are benefited by this remaster, with a more ‘edgy’ guitar attack.
I doubt there’s a master tape of ‘Rock The Night (Remix)’, but the sound quality obtained for this reissue is darn good. A rarity and a cool one, a pretty different version.

EUROPE - The Final Countdown [Rock Candy remaster +6] (2019) back

To sum up, this must have hit album in a big sounding remaster.
Be aware there’s a fake version of this Rock Candy release floating around…

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01 – The Final Countdown
02 – Rock The Night
03 – Carrie
04 – Danger On The Track
05 – Ninja
06 – Cherokee
07 – Time Has Come
08 – Heart Of Stone
09 – On The Loose
10 – Love Chaser
11 – The Final Countdown (Live)
12 – Danger On The Track (Live)
13 – Carrie (Live)
14 – Seven Doors Hotel (1986 Version)
15 – Rock The Night (B-side Remix)
16 – On Broken Wings (B-side)

Joey Tempest – vocals.
John Norum – guitars, backing vocals
John Levén – bass
Mic Michaeli – keyboards, backing vocals
Ian Haugland – drums, backing vocals



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1 Response

  1. Gabriel says:

    Final Countdown is Top Top of the eighties.
    Rock The Night is my beloved rock anthem.
    RCR, OMG!

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