SLEEZE BEEZ – Powertool (1992) HQ / out of print

SLEEZE BEEZ - Powertool (1992) HQ / out of print full

Still with Atlantic Records support, Holland’s SLEEZE BEEZ released their sophomore album “Powertool” in 1992. While their awesome international debut “Screwed Blued & Tattoed” followed the late ’80s Hollywood sound, “Powertool” seems to take it’s sound more from what Def Leppard was doing at the time. In fact, it sounds almost identical to ‘Adrenalize’.
Recorded in UK and produced by famed Gary Lyons (Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Foreigner, UFO) “Powertool” is extremely melodic and upbeat, and one could easily envision these songs on radio and MTV back in 1992.
Each has something to offer the listener, but here are my favorites: “Raise A Little Hell”, “Dance” (Tom Keifer of Cinderella as guest), “Watch That Video”, “I Don’t Want To Live Without You” and “Bring Out The Rebel”. I simply can’t imagine anyone who likes melodic rock music to not enjoy Sleeze Beez’s “Powertool”.
While reissued by Wounded Bird a couple of decades ago (not remastered) “Powertool” is currently out of print and quite expensive.

For the most part this disc rocks hard and has enough hooks to press play again and again. The musicianship is actually quite impressive. Check out the clean guitar interlude in the middle of “Pray for a Miracle” and see if it doesn’t send your jaw dropping down to the floor. Not only is it well executed but it just sounds so good in the middle of that song.

It’s unfortunate that these guys didn’t get a bit more exposure with this disc as they have the looks, the hooks and the sounds to compete with the radio rockers.
Several songs, like “Bring Out the Rebel”, “Dance” and “Watch that Video” could have been big MTV hits in the hair metal era. “Dance” actually has a slightly more glam sound to it mixed with a bluesy background, including Tom Keifer of Cinderella as guest on slide guitar.

The album just came a couple of years to late for that market. Atlantic did their best to promote “PowerTool” and sold pretty well considering the rock sound was rapidly changing.
A killer melodic hard rock record you need to own.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Appetizer
02 – Raise A Little Hell
03 – Watch That Video
04 – Dance
05 – Like A Dog
06 – I Don’t Want To Live Without You
07 – Head To Toe
08 – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
09 – Bring Out The Rebel
10 – Fuel For The Fire
11 – What’s That Smell?
12 – Pray For A Miracle

Andrew Elt – Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Chriz Van Jaarsveld – Guitars
Don Van Spall – Guitars And Background Vocals
Ed Jongsma – Bass
Jan Koster – Drums, Keyboards And Background Vocals
Tom Keifer – Slide Guitar on 4


out of print

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