JUNKYARD DRIVE – Electric Love (2022)

JUNKYARD DRIVE - Electric Love (2022) full

Ever since 2014, Danish classic hard rockers JUNKYARD DRIVE has been delivering quality material for the genre, kinda mixing the classic sleazy hard rock of 1990’s Guns N’ Roses plus a modern approach akin Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar or King Lizard. With more than 100 concerts played, over five million streams and two records to this day, they’ve solidly planted their flag on the international rock scene.
On their new record, ”Electric Love”, they present new faces (Avantasia’s Oliver Hartmann on guitar) and ten new razor sharp songs showcasing a newfound maturity in the group’s universe, armed with solid and ferocious riffs
The album was recorded in the legendary Medley Studios produced by talented Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Jesper Binzer, Electric Guitars) and mixed / mastered by Erik Martensson (Eclipse), both providing an amazing sound.

After a crispy power chord which serves as an entrée, “Let It Burn” drops a galloping riff with an uptempo drum fill and, to top it off, a genre-classic ‘Ohh Yeah…!’. The title and motto of the album opener definitely lives up to its name and it continues with the next two songs, title track “Electric Love” and “Mr. Rock N’ Roll”, however the latter adding a really cool acoustic bluesy intro.

Lead singer Kris shines with a smoky voice, Oliver Hartmann conjures up a whole arsenal of easy-going licks, riffs and lead scrubbing out of his sleeve, while the rest of the band performs with a carefree, feel-good attitude over a varied and dynamic songwriting.
The band try something different with “Home” (some classic Rainbow on it) and the bluesier, gospel-tinged ”Let Me Love You”, which offers a completely different musical experience.

Towards the end of the album, ‘The Wonderland Of Temptations’ initially appears to the listener as the typical piano-accompanied ballad that is always present on every album. But it rocks, and it’s one of the album highlights.

Their morst mature effort so far, Junkyard Drive show more than just hard rock on ”Electric Love”. They still deliver classic hard rock of all times but this rime with other elements like blues. All benefited by the top class production / mix of Andersen and Erik Martensson.
Highly Recommended


01 – Let It Burn
02 – Electric Love
03 – Mr. Rock N’ Roll
04 – Home
05 – Let Me Love You
06 – Tomorrow I Will Be Gone
07 – Mind Eraser
08 – The Wonderland Of Temptations
09 – Mama
10 – Free Your Mind

Kristian Johansen – Lead and backing vocals
Oliver Hartmann – Guitar and backing vocals
Claus Munch – Drums
Tim Meldal – Bass and backing vocals


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