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IAN THOMAS Band - Still Here [Rock Candy Remastered] (2021) full

As requested here’s the Rock Candy ‘remastered & reloaded‘ job on IAN THOMAS Band album “Still Here“. Thomas is a man with a long history of recording in his native Canada, this being his fifth album, and although he hadn’t made significant head way sales wise at this point his reputation had grown considerably attracting great reviews and he was playing to very enthusiastic crowds.
Indeed, regarded as one of the best singer / songwriter from Canada, for this album Thomas changed moniker to ‘Ian Thomas Band’, but still retaining his classic musicality and smooth FM radio sound with Americanized Westcoast sounds and AOR breeze.
“Still Here” produced two Canadian single hits with the melodic ‘Coming Home’ and one of our favorite Thomas song ever, the atmospheric ‘I Really Love You’, not exactly a love song but his veiled love/hate relationship with the music business.
This Rock Candy remaster is more ‘vital’ than the previously featured at 0dayrox (Wounded Bird Records), a more modern treatment respecting the original sound.

At the time of this release (1978), Ian’s place in the market was underpinned by his reputation as one of Canada’s most promising new songwriters. It was a string to his bow that would pay handsome dividends in later years.
‘Still Here’, although not a breakthrough album in commercial terms, gave Ian his first taste of international attention when Atlantic records in New York signed him hoping to introduce the name Ian Thomas to markets outside of Canada.

In addition, at this point he was also represented by Rush’s management company. The future looked bright, but despite recording a thoroughly engaging record packed with carefully crafted songs, the big breakthrough failed to materialise leaving those who had predicted great things scratching their heads in bemusement.

‘Still Here’ still stands as one of the finest records from any artist of the era; its widescreen production (by Ian himself) lends it a magical vibe which showcases a genuinely beautiful collection of tracks that include, among others, ‘I Really Love You’, ‘Faces’ and the Queen like pop prog of ‘Tycoon’. But if it’s grand ambition that you seek, the opening track ‘Just Like You’ really is the icing on the cake.

While most of the album is very FM radio, melodic oriented, Hugh Symes’ keyboard work and Dave Cooper’s guitar playing instills energy into the music, and there’s guest guitar solos by renowned Canadian session musicians Josh Onderisin and Rick Doyle.
“Still Here” is an album with a late Seventies feel but showcasing some of the early ’80s smooth AOR sound & style to come.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


01 – Just Like You
02 – Sally
03 – I Really Love You
04 – Clear Sailing
05 – Still Here
06 – Coming Home
07 – Faces
08 – Tinkerbell
09 – Tycoon

Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar – Ian Thomas
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Hugh Syme
Lead Guitar – Dave Cooper, Josh Onderisin, Rick Doyle
Bass, Backing Vocals – Dave Sawyer
Drums, Backing Vocals – Mike Oberle



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