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Complicated” is the eighth official studio album from veteran hard rock vocalist JEFF SCOTT SOTO to be released on May 6, 2022. As with his previous studio record of all new material, “Wide Awake (In My Dreamland)”, Soto teamed up with producer and songwriter Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints, Edge Of Forever) to craft “Complicated”.
Arguably the best JSS album since Damage Control, “Complicated” has a Talisman and even a W.E.T. (Jeff’s band with members of Eclipse and Work Of Art) punch to it, but all feels wholly Jeff Scott Soto at the end of the day.

A busy work schedule has always been part of this man’s life. But for Jeff things ain’t complicated. He was put on earth to sing and to entertain fans of rock in all kind of shapes and forms. Jeff is the complete package and he has always been down to earth. He has been making solo-albums since 1994 and all his albums have had one thing in common: quality.
‘Complicated’ is no exception to that rule. It’s one of the strongest, heavier, rocking albums as JSS solo artist.

Yes, there is also a fabulous ballad there (‘Until I See You Again’) but the album is dominated by up-tempo hard rock songs with the signature JSS background choirs as one of the trademarks.
The first thing that impressed me with this album was how good Soto and his band sound. Jeff hasn’t lost anything when it comes to his powerhouse voice. His range is showcased very well throughout, and his versatility of styles that he can sing.

Some of the songs are traditional, others are kind of a funky hard rock, and there are also plenty of good softer songs. He pulls everything off perfectly. The riffs and solos by Fabrizio Sgattoni are also fantastic, and the rhythm section is extremely powerful too. Everyone shows their chops, but none of the playing feels excessive.
Jeff still gets to be the forefront of what is showcased.

The track listing is extremely consistent throughout. There are lots of catchy hooks, great riffs and chord progressions, and the song structure is extremely strong. Some even reminded me of Journey… I think they were all well done and hit me with nostalgia to the music I grew up with.
Some of my favorite tracks are “Last to Know”, “Disbelieving”, “Until I See You Again”. “Don’t Look Back”, “Back to the Beginning”, and “Obsession”, but all are strong.

“Complicated” isn’t complicated at all, but a feel-good listen of ’80s/90s inspired melodic hard rock songs, catchy, effective. Another highlight in the career of a man whose voice does not even show the slightest sign of wear and tear.
Highly Recommended


01 – Last to Know
02 – Disbelieving
03 – Home Again
04 – Love is the Revolution
05 – Until I See You Again
06 – Complicated
07 – Don’t Look Back
08 – New Horizon
09 – Back to the Begining
10 – Thank You
11 – Obsession

Lead & backing vox – Jeff Scott Soto
Lead guitars – Fabrizio Sgattoni
Bass, keys and backing vocals – Alessandro Del Vecchio
Drums – Edu Cominato


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