PASSION REMAINS – Stars Within Reach [written 1987-1989] (2022)

 PASSION REMAINS - Stars Within Reach [written 1987-1989] (2022) full

Hailing from Kentucky, Passion rocked the area in the second half of the ’80s with their mix of American melodic hard rock and glammy hair metal. The band recorded some demos but members never wanted to move to California, hence is turned quite difficult to secure a record deal. But never is too late…
Several years later, all Passion members remain friends and still related to rock n’ roll music in one way or another, and decided to un-dust their old ’80s penned songs and give them a fresh go.
Now re-branded PASSION REMAINS, and thanks to modern technology, the band recorded these songs by their own, the way the wanted – no label pressure.
Titled “Stars Within Reach“, this is PASSION REMAINS official debut album after 30+ years since formed. It’s a collection of Eighties-style tunes ranging from Dokken-like riffs to Nigh Ranger-ish melodies.


01 – Your Cheating Heart
02 – You’ll Never Know
03 – Born to Be Wild
04 – Could Never Say Goodbye
05 – Troubles and Hates
06 – Baby Please Come Home
07 – Sweet Little Tease
08 – I Draw the Line
09 – Two Timin’ Bitch
10 – Stay with Me
11 – One More Lonely Night
12 – Rockin’ to Our Beat
13 – Unchain My Love
14 – I’m What You’re Lookin’ For

Alvin Bonney – vocals
Mick Bryan – guitar, vocals
Duane Crisp – bass, vocals
Kyle Virgin – drums



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