STONEFLOWER – Destination Anywhere (2014)

STONEFLOWER - Destination Anywhere (2014) full

It took 11 years to Norwegians STONEFLOWER to release their second album, but finally arrived in 2014, titled “Destination Anywhere“, a CD you need to discover if missed first time around. Formed from the ashes of poppy band Diezel which released a CD in the mid-Nineties, StoneFlower delivered a really fine debut back in 2003 highly praised by Melodic Rock magazines and fans.
The StoneFlower core consists of singer Frode Henriksen, guitarist and producer Tom Sennerud and bassist Svenn Huneide, all experienced musicians, who played on 13 albums altogether and in numerous bands / sessions for acts such as TNT, Street Legal or Stage Dolls.

Their second album “Destination Anywhere” collects different sonic colors, but all in all it is dominated by the Melodic Rock of the ’80s with hints of Stage Dolls, Toto, Nelson, Southern Sons, On The Rise and Michael Learns To Rock (for the poppier part), with great vocal parts, almost perfect arrangements and a natural inclination to write catchy songs.

STONEFLOWER - Destination Anywhere (2014) inside

Opener “Destination Anywhere” has a mind-catcher refrain and offer a wonderful AOR harmony, sharp stylized guitars and a lovely, classy chorus.
Other cuts like the excellent melodic rocker “Another Day” are highly articulated rhythms, graced by an immaculate melodic chorus and a fine guitar solo. I love this one, without doubt this is a track that Southern Sons could’ve owned!

On “Fire And Rain” and “L.O.V.E.” we can taste very commercial melodies recalling of first Boulevard’s album and I’m not tired to listen to them again and again, but with refined “Can’t Take It” and the awesome “She’s A Stoneflower” Frode & Co. offer the poppiest tunes with very sweet harmonies all around.
“Glory Daze” follows the wake of Scandi-AOR with traces of Stage Dolls / On The Rise, cheerful, catchy, really well done; while “Just One Night” combines mid-tempo melodic rock, a catchy poppy chorus and lots of harmonies that will make Nelson proud.

Read carefully all the artists cited above as influences; StoneFlower has a bit of each, and mix ’em all wonderfully.
“Destination Anywhere” is the sort of album that will appeal to many: traditional melodic rockers, ’80s AOR die-hards, or today’s soft rock / FM aficionados will undoubtedly get a kick out of this.
You won’t find any loose moments on this album, a pleasing melodic romp through 40 minutes of delicious playing time.
Super, Highly Recommended


01 – Destination Anywhere
02 – Can’t Take It
03 – Fire And Rain
04 – Another Day
05 – Dream
06 – L.O.V.E.
07 – I Will Remember
08 – Glory Daze
09 – She’s A Stoneflower
10 – Just One Night

Frode Henriksen – Vocals
Tom Sennerud – Guitar, Vocals
Svenn Huneide – Bass, Vocals
Steinar Krokstad – session Drums
Dag Bordstu – session Keyboards



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