SARAYASIGN – Throne Of Gold (2022)

SARAYASIGN - Throne Of Gold (2022) full

Coming out of nowhere, “Throne Of Gold“, the just released CD from Swedes SARAYASIGN, is one of the best debut albums we heard this year.
Like the stories from the land of Saraya – that took place in different times but are still connected – SARAYASIGN own story as a band began over 25 years ago. While the group broke up with members working into different projects, transcending time and space fate brought them back together and here they are, over three decades later, ready to present their music to the world.
Like a lost treasure in the Swedish melodic hard rock scene, with some of the most outstanding musical craftsmen the genre has to offer, comes a beautifully crafted trajectory that reaches beyond traditional melodic hard rock.
With stellar guitar riffs, haunting melodies, arrangements in the style of the classic era from the genre with a modern sound & production, “Throne Of Gold” is an album you need to hear if you dig House Of Lords, Seventh Key, ’90s Queensrÿche, Final Frontier, etc.

Sarayasign play a mix of hard, melodic, and progressive rock. Despite the fact that there’s the aforementioned influences at play here, I’m pleased to say Sarayasign actually have their own identity, regardless of any surface similarities to other bands.
”Throne Of Gold” is more than able to stand tall on its own two feet.

In some way, this is a concept-driven album that tells a story as the album unfolds, however each track work as standalone pieces. The songs are well-written and have clearly been put together by professionals who know how to craft this sort of music.
Tightly delivered and packed with catchy and memorable moments, as well as some standout choruses, these songs are very easy to absorb and like.

This is an old-school album that also learned a few tricks from more contemporary sources. The recording has a cinematic scope which sounds quite modern, yet also reaches back in time to the sort of concept album that you might expect to hear in the late 80s or early 90s.
Sarayasign have successfully managed to bring an old-school rock sound into the present day, and the results are very compelling. I have to mention the singer too. The vocalist of Sarayasign has, quite simply, a great voice, and I could listen to him all day. I haven’t hear a voice quite like his in some time.

”Throne Of Gold” is a very impressive and accomplished work. There is a lot to take in across its eight tracks, but spending the time with this 44-minute album is mandatory if you’re a fan of this sort of classic melodic / hard rock style. Sarayasign have landed, and by rights they should be a name on everyone’s lips.
Very, Highly Recommended


01 – The Book of Wisdom
02 – When Worlds Collide
03 – Distant Memories
04 – If Only for a Moment
05 – Sandman
06 – Run (The Hunt for the Book of Wisdom)
07 – Stranger in Ice
08 – Throne of Gold

Stefan Nykvist (vocals)
Daniel Blohm (guitar)
Andreas Axelsson-Hofgren (keys)
Daniel Lykkeklev (bass)
Jesper Lindbergh (drums)



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  1. xmenfan says:

    Listening to When Worlds Collide, music sounds almost like the lick and rhythm in “Lonely” by Crimson Glory and the vocals reminds me of House of Lords. Not bad!! Wish all new bands put for this kind of effort! =)

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