COMPASS (Steve Newman) – Our Time On Earth (2020) HQ

COMPASS (Steve Newman) - Our Time On Earth (2020) HQ full

Known for his AOR / Melodic Rock pedigree, some years ago British singer-songwriter Steve Newman decided to write a few songs that musically would step outside the barriers imposed by many years writing for his own melodic rock band Newman.
Steve then assembled a new band, COMPASS, mixing elaborated melodic rock with progressive, and the result is their debut album “Our Time On Earth“, successfully creating a bridge between these two genres of music.
While Steve Newman previously collaborated with some more proggy acts, never in my wildest dreams I would have expected he will create an own project like COMPASS. And glad he did it. “Our Time On Earth” is intriguing, awesomely performed and executed, melodic and intelligent progressive all over.

COMPASS sounds & feels like a real band with obvious chemistry. Every member recorded his individual parts in Newman’s Chrome Dome Studio. Vocals were done by the previously unkown Ben Green, who did a very good job on “Our Time On Earth“. Dave Bartlett (Bass) and Toni Lakush (Drums) provide a dynamic, elastic rhythm section for all instruments easily flow over it.
The boss himself handles all keyboards as usual and delivers a much more aggressive guitar playing to the album, plus some vocals.
Some RUSH and SAGA here and a big part of my Prog favorites IT BITES there – but COMPASS never let the melodic parts aside (especially on the opener “Skies Of Fire“), which makes the CD accessible even for AOR junkies.

‘Neon’ is perhaps the closest to the classic tune we hear from Newman (the band), still much more elaborated.
My personal highlight is the title cut with its fragile beginning, which would have fit easily onto the last DREAM THEATER album. It’s a quite long number however you never get tired of it and even leaves you hungry for more.
‘A Warning From History’ brings to mind first half of the 80s RUSH, whilst the punchy melodic prog of ‘The Preacher and The Pigeon Feeder’ features stunning guitar solos, switching from laid back Gilmour-esque to a more frantic prog metal style. Steve Newman has neatly pulled in various prog influences to create an impressive sound on this and indeed the whole album.

Steve Newman surprises with Compass an their debut “Our Time On Earth”. And in good and regarding way. It’s proggy, and still plenty of melody and imaginative ideas, all served with a pristine mix & production.
Ben Green is a find, possessing a clear and precise vocal, with plenty of power and melody, while the rhythm section is stupendous, well oiled. Steve always surround himself with talent, and these guys aren’t an exception.
Fans of Newman’s melodic rock side may find on “Our Time On Earth” a grower of an album, buts as often albums that you keep coming back to are, and mightily impressive.
Highly Recommended


01 – Skies of Fire
02 – Our Time on Earth Pt I
03 – Caught in a Frame
04 – Neon
05 – The Preacher and the Pigeon Feeder
06 – Another Life Suicide
07 – A Warning from History
08 – Our Time on Earth Pt II

Steve Newman – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Ben Green – Vocals
Dave Bartlett – Bass
Toni Lakush – Drums



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