NELSON – Greatest Hits (And Near Misses) [Remastered 2022 + new tracks]

NELSON - Greatest Hits (And Near Misses) [Remastered 2022 + new tracks] full

UMe is releasing tomorrow “Greatest Hits (And Near Misses)“, a career-spanning compilation CD of NELSON‘s iconic tracks containing the Top 10 hits “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection,” and “After The Rain,” plus fan favorites, “What About Me,” “Only Time Will Tell,” and “Too Many Dreams.”
It also includes the 2022 newly recorded, acoustic version of “Keep One Heart,” and “Two Heads Are Better Than One,” from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure featuring the original, unreleased version with Gunnar’s vocals as heard in the film.
”Greatest Hits (And Near Misses)” revisits Nelson’s popular radio hits from their Geffen Records era, while also spotlighting songs from their well-received later releases. Featured from the underappreciated Because They Can album is a trio of tracks: “(You Got Me) All Shook Up,” “Won’t Walk Away,” and “Cross My Broken Heart.”
Notable too is the rarity “Too Many Dreams,” which has officially only been available in Japan as a 1991 single, and an After The Rain bonus track (and is getting its digital debut).
Highly Recommended


01 – After The Rain (2022 Remaster)
02 – (Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection (2022 Remaster)
03 – Call Me (2022 Remaster)
04 – You’re All I Need Tonight (2022 Remaster)
05 – More Than Ever (2022 Remaster)
06 – Only Time Will Tell (2022 Remaster)
07 – Too Many Dreams (2022 Remaster)
08 – Cross My Broken Heart (2022 Remaster)
09 – Won’t Walk Away (2022 Remaster)
10 – A Girl Like That (2022 Remaster)
11 – (You Got Me) All Shook Up (2022 Remaster)
12 – What About Me? (2022 Remaster)
13 – Keep One Heart (Acoustic Version recorded 2022) *
14 – I Can Hardly Wait (2022 Remaster)
15 – Two Heads Are Better Than One (Original Version) *
16 – Rockstar (2022 Remaster)
17 – Take Me There (2022 Remaster)

* previously unreleased


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