CAROLINE BREITLER – The Guide Within (2022)

CAROLINE BREITLER - The Guide Within (2022) - full

The Guide Within” is the second solo album from Swiss-born female singer CAROLINE BREITLER, a 10-tracker mixing classic melodic hard rock / AOR with melodic metal produced by Alessandro del Vecchio. The music is very ’80s oriented with many influences from Robin Beck and Fiona to Laos or Doro. All very polished and accessible.
Born in the ’80s, BREITLER passion is the music since a child when started to singing and training: she learned to play instruments such as violin, saxophone, guitar or piano – and thus made her way to becoming a professional musician and singing coach – today she also deals with music therapy.
She did a duet with Anastacia, as part of the Rock Voice Contest she performed with the Swiss Godfather of Hard Rock Voices Marc Storace, and Caroline toured as back up vocalist for Hardline, David Reece band, and others.
The songs on “The Guide Within” are catchy melodic, short, to the point: 35 minutes of good female fronted hard rock, very well executed & produced.

One of the things I like from “The Guide Within” is that it sound like a band, not an overblown vocalist with a back-up band.
Songs like ‘Mistaken’, the groovy ‘What You See’ and the punchy ‘Peace Healer are among the heavier numbers on the album, the latter also pretty modern in style.

Then melodic hard rock is the core of ‘Rockstar’ (very Scandinavian), midtempo ‘Love What Is’, ‘All I Am Now Without You’, and the pumping ‘Stand for Love’, one of my favorites.
Closer ‘The One That I Miss’ is the ballad, not syrup or ‘power ballad’, but more a singer/songwriter type of slow rocker where Caroline’s voice is the star.

While self-released, production, mix & mastering on “The Guide Within” is second to none. You can like or hate the at times cookie-cutter Alessandro del Vecchio productions, but the man is able to make a budget album sound great.
Solid songs and nice melodies, and as said, the CD sounds more like a band than a ‘solo’ album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Mistaken
02 – What You See
03 – Rockstar
04 – Love What Is
05 – The Fray
06 – All I Am Now Without You
07 – Peace Healer
08 – Stand for Love
09 – Last Goodbye
10 – The One That I Miss

Caroline Breitler – Vocals, piano, keys, guitar
Nino Lentini – Guitar
Andreas Caplazi – Keys
Andreas Riggenbach – Bass
Damian Rozanec – Guitar
Mario Märchy – Drums
Alessandro del Vecchio – guest keys, producer



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  1. Antonis Karampalis says:

    It’s practically more of the same, all of Alessandro del Vecchio’s productions are very similar and sound almost the same, the only difference is the vocals.

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