JEFF SCOTT SOTO – Holding On + Believe In Me (EP’s) out of print

EYES (Jeff Scott Soto) - 24U [2-CD Set] Out Of Print - full

Few vocalists can have a body of work as large as veteran JEFF SCOTT SOTO, with over 60 albums under his belt while participating in Sons Of Apollo, Talisman, Soto, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, WET, just to name a few.
His official albums are pretty easy to find, however the incredible versatile singer has recorded on hundreds of albums as guest, working demos, collaborations, etc, and in different styles & genres.
Many of you have been requesting Jeff’s rare recordings – and here’s the 2 collectible EP‘s released by Frontiers Music ”Holding On” and ”Believe In Me”.
”Holding On” is the first single from JSS album ‘Prism’, and includes 4 extra tracks, and ”Believe In Me” was the single for JSS ‘Lost in Translation’ album, with 4 collectible extra tracks / unreleased demos from Soto projects ‘Three Kings’, ‘Slam’ and ‘Ku De Ta’.
Great stuff!


Holding On EP 2002
01 – Holding On
02 – Send Her My Love [unavailable elsewhere]
03 – Again 2 Be Found (Live)
04 – Stand Up (Live)
05 – 4 U (Live)

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano – Jeff Scott Soto
Lead Guitar – Brian Young, George Bernhardt, Neil Goldberg
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Howie Simon
Bass – Michael Scott
Bass, Backing Vocals – Gary Schutt
Drums – Alex Papa
Keyboards – Sam Isanogud


Believe In Me EP 2004
01 – Believe In Me
02 – As I Do 2 U (unreleased demo from ‘Three Kings’)
03 – This Ain’t The Love (unreleased demo from ‘Three Kings’)
04 – Lonely Shade Of Blue (unreleased demo from ‘Slam’)
05 – Still Be Loving You (unreleased demo from ‘Ku De Ta’)

Lead Vocals, Bass – Jeff Scott Soto
Lead Guitar – Neal Schon (01)
Acoustic Guitar – Marcus Nand (01)
Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals – Ricky Phillips (01)
Percussion – Joey Finger (01)
Bass – Nalle Påhlsson
Bass, Drum Programming, Guitar – George Bernhardt
Drums – Glen Sobel, Jamie Borger
Keyboards, Guitar – Göran Elmquist


out of print

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  1. Marcel Torres says:

    Thank you for this! I asked months ago and now you brought it. If possible, bring us Prism and Beautiful Mess. It would really be a gift to us. Anyway, I really, realy appreciate that. Great blog!!!

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