JEFF SCOTT SOTO – LA Rocks Demos & ‘Rich Girl’ Soundtrack

JEFF SCOTT SOTO - LA Rocks Demos & 'Rich Girl' Soundtrack - full

We featured at 0dayrox from the great Japan AOR Moon Collectors series, the “Eyes – LA Rocks” compilation, including, among others, the vocals of JEFF SCOTT SOTO. However, there’s more tracks demo-songs Soto recorded with ‘Eyes / LA Rocks’ at the time – the ’80s.
Here’s the complete Jeff Scott Soto demos (superior sound quality from others floating the net) “LA Rocks Demos & ‘Rich Girl’ Soundtrack” – as some of these songs were remixed and later used for the 1991 movie ”Rich Girl’.
Songs like ‘Love Strikes’, ‘Heart Of The Fire’ or ‘Love Stops The Hands Of Time’ are simply awesome ’80s US Melodic Hard Rock to die for…
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Jeff Scott Soto lead vocals on all tracks:
01 – Tear It Down (wrongly named by some as We’re Here To Rock)
02 – Love Strikes (demo)
03 – Heart Of The Fire (demo)
04 – Hold On (Love Stops The Hands Of Time early demo)
05 – Till The End Of Time
06 – For You
07 – Follow Your Heart
08 – Nobody Said It Was Easy
09 – Heart Of The Fire [‘Rich Girl’ soundtrack mix 1991]
10 – Love Strikes [‘Rich Girl’ soundtrack mix 1991]
11 – Tear It Down [‘Rich Girl’ soundtrack mix 1991]
12 – Love Stops The Hands Of Time [‘Rich Girl’ soundtrack mix 1991]


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