RIOT – Archives Volume 1 1976-1981 (2018)

RIOT - Archives Volume 1 1976-1981 (2018) full

Without a doubt one of the most influential American hard rock / metal acts, RIOT set the table for the ’80s sound of the genre in the US. Released by very good German label High Roller Records, “Archives Volume 1 1976-1981” features early versions, alternate mixes and demos – fully remastered – from the early years of Riot.

It’s almost impossible to ignore the importance of Riot for the evolution of American metal. The New Yorkers built the bridge between the first generation of hard rock and metal bands springing up in the early to mid-1970s (Blue Öyster Cult, Kiss and Van Halen) and the new wave carrying the torch in the late Seventies and early Eighties.

RIOT - Archives Volume 1 1976-1981 (2018) booklet

Formed in New York City in 1975, Riot recorded some of the best albums from the genre by a US-based band: ‘Rock City’, ‘Narita’, and ‘Fire Down Under’. All mentioned by bands like Y&T, Tesla, etc as huge influence.

Although the main protagonists of Riot are no longer with us – singer Guy Speranza died on November 8th 2003 and main man Mark Reale, guitarist and principal songwriter, sadly passed away on January 25th 2012 – it’s second guitarist Rick Ventura who is still alive (and making music).
He joined Riot after the recording of the band’s second album in 1979, and helped to create this release.

RIOT - Archives Volume 1 1976-1981 (2018) - back

“Archives Volume 1 1976-1981” is astupendous showcase of Riot’s evolution since formed, from the very ealy demos of the line-up Reale / Speranza / Feit / such as ‘Come Back To Me’ or ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’, to the ‘Waiting For The Taking (Rough Mix)’, ‘White Rock (Rough Mix)’ or ‘Outlaw (Remixed Edited Version)’.
Sound quality is very good, a great legacy from this way underappreciated act.
Highly Recommended

01 Lovin’ Comes Easy (Reale Speranza Feit Demo)
02 Sweet Sweet Felicia (Reale Speranza Feit Demo)
03 Come Back To Me (Reale Speranza Feit Demo)
04 In Every Way (Reale Speranza Feit Demo)
05 I’m A Marshall (Reale Speranza Feit Demo)
06 Teaser (Reale Speranza Feit Demo)
07 I Don’t Love You Anymore (Reale Speranza Feit Demo)
08 Back On The Non-Stop (Rough Mix)
09 Waiting For The Taking (Rough Mix)
10 49er (Rough Mix)
11 Kick Down The Wall (Rough Mix)
12 Narita (Rough Mix)
13 Here We Come Again (Rough Mix)
14 White Rock (Rough Mix)
15 Back On The Non-Stop (Rough Mix Different Mix)
16 Struck By Lightning
17 One Step Closer
18 Outlaw (Remixed Edited Version)

Guy Speranza — vocals
Mark Reale — guitar
Lou A. Kouvaris — guitar
Rick Ventura — guitar
Phil Feit — bass
Jimmy Iommi — bass
Kip Leming — bass
Peter Bitelli — drums
Sandy Slavin — drums


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