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Iconic US blues-rock guitarist WALTER TROUT is set to release his 30th (!) solo album, ”Ride”, on 19 August via Provogue/Mascot Label Group. However fast or far a man travels, he can never truly outrun his past. On his new album he found himself eyeing the horizon and the green shoots of his triumphant late career.
There was a new record deal. A move from California to Denmark with his beloved family. Even now, aged 70, Trout was still writing fresh chapters of his life story.
Trout’s wife and manager Marie knew he hot more new music to express himself. So her present for the musician 70th birthday was a brand-new record deal she had negotiated with Provogue.
The result is ”Ride”, a rocking, moving, rolling bluesy new record plenty of killer riffs and melodies. Speaking of Classic Rock, Walter Trout is an institution, and he never disappoints.

From the album’s freight train of an opener, ‘Ghosts,’ to the closure-bringing ballad, ‘Destiny,’ the new selection of songs is characterized by Trout‘s bluesy rasp that is charged with the gravitas of the years and his pristine guitarism that speaks straight from the emotional core of the blues maestro himself.
The albums title track, ‘Ride’ is a harmonica laden good time gander. Trout always makes good use of his keyboardists and particularly in this number the piano bounce shadows his guitar throughout, kicking the composition up a few notches bringing it to the front of other fast paced blues offerings.

‘Follow You Back Home’ is the sonnet among the wonderful chaos that surrounds. The thing about Walter Trout is he likes to have fun, he likes to have a good time to ensure his audience is also thoroughly entertained. But in these drop down moments it’s a reminder that his passion swings both ways in equal measure. He can be the life of the party but also the heart of his delicate vulnerabilities. Beautifully emotive.

‘So Many Sad Goodbye’s’ and ‘High is Low’ are the creme de la creme of mid-tempo blues-rock splendor. Trouts vocals on the latter are especially good. It’s the kind of husky outpout that reminds us why sometimes the classic arrangements are the best.
‘Waiting For The Dawn’ demonstrates Trouts never-lacking guitar skill set. Almost every lyric bar is followed by a solo interlude before more spacious time segments are given to just Trouts playing.

As we move into the second half of the album we’re blessed with Trout signature protean ways. Personally I think the brilliant thing about Trout is his ability to give each song on his many albums a completely different feel. The blues can only be done a certain amount of ways but it’s with layered production and attention to detail that he succeeds in doing just that.

‘Better Day’s Ahead’ is a real heavy set whisky in hand blues number whether ‘The Fertile Soil’ dips its toes into a rocking Americans, whilst ‘I Worry Too Much’ stands out with its funky rock backbone. Contrary to its title, ‘I Worry Too Much’ is a carefree ride with a gorgeous chord progression under its most prominent solo that grabs and grips onto your ears, “I worry about my music, is it really any good? I wouldn’t do it any different, even if I could!”
On the final leg of the albums journey we have ‘Hey Mama’ before the penultimate ‘Destiny’. It can’t be ignored that Trout is a master of procuring his albums into stories with each song lending itself as a chapter within. ‘Hey Mama’ feels much like the reconciliation following the last good time blast before ‘Destiny’ acts as the end of night credits rolling soother.

From start to finish ”Ride” is undeniably one of Walter Trouts best offerings.
In the space of twelve songs he excites us, energizes us, delivers to us and breaks our hearts before piecing them back together. A true class act with a contagious thirst for the fun in life.
Great bluesy classic rock. Highly Recommended


01 – Ghosts
02 – Ride
03 – Follow You Back Home
04 – So Many Sad Goodbyes
05 – High Is Low
06 – Waiting For The Dawn
07 – Better Days Ahead
08 – The Fertile Soil
09 – I Worry Too Much
10 – Leave It All Behind
11 – Hey Mama
12 – Destiny

vocals, guitars – Walter Trout
drums – Michael Leasure
keys man – Teddy ‘Zig Zag’ Andreadis
bass – Jamie Hunting


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