LYNCH MOB – Lynch Mob [Rock Candy Remastered +2] (2021) HQ 0dayrox Exclusive

LYNCH MOB - Lynch Mob [Rock Candy Remastered +2] (2021) HQ 0dayrox Exclusive - full

Here’s in exclusive the Rock Candy remastered treatment on LYNCH MOB‘s second, self-titled album “Lynch Mob“, including bonus tracks. Curiously, the two bonus tracks aren’t listed in the CD back cover. Both are the original Japanese edition bonuses.
Lynch Mob’s debut album Wicked Sensation certainly turned a few heads. All was shaping up well for album #2 but there were changes afoot. Vocalist Oni Logan had stepped away from the project leaving the spot open for another fine blues-based howler. Casting around for a suitable replacement, the band identified an excellent, but relatively unknown, replacement by the name of Robert Mason.
This time around the band opted to dispense with the services of their previous producer and turn to Keith Olsen instead. Keith’s track record was stellar; having produced massive hit records for Whitesnake and the Scorpions among many others.
It also paved the way for a slight shift in direction from their core blues rock style to a far more malleable and melodic hard rock sound, something that optimized Mason’s voice perfectly.

Emboldened by an impressive collection of solid tracks – in fact, songwriting is better than on debut LP – the record sat competitively among their peer groups, but times were changing. Grunge was now taking centre stage leaving groups like Lynch Mob to struggle but that was no reflection of the music’s quality.

‘Lynch Mob, issued in 1992, showcased a band with lots to say and a point to make. Songs such as ‘Jungle Of Love’, ‘No Good’ and especially ‘Tangled In The Web’ hit home with maximum impact and the potential to become anthems if only the marketplace hadn’t shifted so dramatically.
There’s a hot cover of Queen / Brian May classic ‘Tie Your Mother Down’, while if you look for an AORish, ’80s styled melodic rocker then ‘Heaven Is Waiting’ is a winner. Of course, once again, George Lynch’s guitar playing was exceptional and impressive.

If you like anything Dokken / George Lynch related you need to check this album out, but that’s just an unfair assessment. This should really be checked out by anyone who loves quality 80s / 90s melodic hard rock music in general.
This Rock Candy remaster is huge, big, crisp.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Jungle Of Love
02 – Tangled In The Web
03 – No Good
04 – Dream Until Tomorrow
05 – Cold Is The Heart
06 – Tie Your Mother Down
07 – Heaven Is Waiting
08 – I Want It
09 – When Darkness Calls
10 – The Secret
11 – Love Finds A Way
12 – Love In Your Eyes

Robert Mason – vocals
George Lynch – guitars
Mick Brown – drums
Anthony Esposito – bass



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