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DECOY - Call Of The Wild (2007) HQ - full

With the really good comeback DECOY album featured here yesterday, some of you asked for the band’s debut CD “Call Of The Wild“. DECOY initiated as a collaboration between Danish songwriter and guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Section A, Fatal Force) and vocalist Peter Sundell after Peter felt the urge for a change and left Grand Illusion in May 2005 to team up with Torben for this new and exciting project.
Torben commenced with the compositions for “Call Of The Wild” in December 2005, which are best described as fitting the Melodic Hard Rock genre with a slight touch of Progressive & AOR. Finally, the CD was released in 2007 via AOR/Metal Heaven.
Immediately with the opening track “Divided,” the listener gets the full feel for this highly melodic album. It strikes quickly with its clean and very professional production and overall bright sound.

While there is not the slightest doubt concerning the great guitar skills of Mr. Enevoldsen, as commonly known from his works with Fatal Force, ”Call Of The Wild” cannot and should not be compared to them, nor to Grand Illusion. The album is much more controlled, relaxed, easy listening and does not come across as a display of individual talents.
However, since Peter was especially looking for a change compared to what he has been involved with for about 20 years prior to Decoy, this release is a very nice break from exactly that and should be respected.

Additionally, ”Call Of The Wild” really sounds very lively and fresh and also serves up a few heavier songs such as “Heavy Metal Thunder,” or the rocking up-tempo number “My Religion,” which also features some pretty amazing guitar work by Peter.
The balladish “Forever And Ever” has a nice feel and convinces with some excellent guitar fills and solos, while ”Brothers In Arms” slows the tempo as well and would have graced one of Toto’s better albums.
Other highlight is the slightly progressive track “How Long,” which shows off some really great guitar licks.

”Call Of The Wild” is a varied album plenty of cleverly arranged sections in many songs. There are a lot of interchanges of mellower and heavier sections, occasionally bundled by atmospheric and meaningful emotions, which often again change or lead to more aggressive musical statements and vocal expressions.
The songwriting remains top notch throughout. There’s not one duffer. Allied to fantastic playing, super riffs, top vocals and the necessary melody, Decoy delivered here a fantastic debut.
Highly Recommended


01 – Divided
02 – Call Of The Wild
03 – Brothers In Arms
04 – Heavy Metal Thunder
05 – Make A Stand
06 – Break Through
07 – Forever And Ever
08 – My Religion
09 – How Long
10 – The Real Deal
11 – Peace Of Mind

Peter Sundell – Vocals
Torben Enevoldsen – Guitars, Bass, Keys
Thomas Heintzelmann – Drums


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4 Responses

  1. Rudio says:

    I have 2 requests (if possible):
    Dave Cureton’s 2022 State Of Mind. This is progrock.

    The remastered reissues of Saga you started months ago suddenly stopped.
    The next 4 albums have my special interest:
    1995 Generation 13, 2004 Network, 2006 Trust, 2007 10.000 Days.

    Thank you.

  2. Craig says:

    Thank you for the download, but it looks like at least the rapidgator mp3 download is corrupted after the first track.

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