CHEVY – The Taker [Rock Candy Remastered +3] *HQ*

CHEVY - The Taker [Rock Candy Remastered +3] *HQ* - full

Many of you asked to keep featuring Rock Candy Records releases to complete collections, so here’s rockers CHEVY only album 1980’s ”The Taker” that has been given the full-on bells and whistles of a remastered reissue by the Rock Candy crew with an interesting essay about the making of the album.
Evolving from an earlier band by the name of Cupid’s Inspiration, Chevy was the name they took on being “re-born” as a hard hitting hard rock act in the early mists of NWOBHM. They had the riffs, sure, though what set them apart from their luminaries was a more complex sounds that was tinged with a bit of Southern rock / blues (eg Point Blank, Outlaws or Blackfoot) and sometimes a sort of Wishbone Ash type vibe. Made for an interesting mixture and got them noticed.
If you were putting ”The Taker” neatly on a shelf of NWOBHM albums, it would be at the same “melodic” end as Praying Mantis & White Spirit, not at the “heavy end” with Iron Maiden and Saxon.

Hailing from the midlands and in particular Leamington Spa, the band’s roots go way back into the 1960s, when some of them were operating under the handle of Cupid’s Inspiration. By 1980 they had reshaped both their music and their name, to the more hard hitting and streamlined Chevy, and were being hailed as part of the burgeoning NWOBHM, admittedly as one of the more melodic and thoughtful bands of that scene.

This was underscored by their inclusion on the ‘Metal For Muthas Volume II: Cut Loud’ compilation album, which was a springboard for many heavy-rock related bands at the time. Better things appears to be on the horizon as Chevy headed in to the studio to record what would be their sole offering as far as a full sized slab of vinyl goes.

”The Taker” was recorded in London with seasoned American producer John Stronach (REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar), a somewhat surprising choice considering the band’s hard hitting riffs. Released in 1980, the album won positive plaudits and it looked as if they were on the cusp of a sizeable victory until practical realities put paid to their hopes.
Sadly the band split up shortly afterwards, leaving behind this fascinating and compelling document of an era where home grown hard rock ruled the day.

”The Taker” has been fondly remembered by many fans of classic rock music, and now we all have the opportunity to get our ears around it again thanks to those fine types at Rock Candy Records who have reissued it with their usual comprehensiveness. Fully remastered, some bonus tracks and all that.
Rediscover an old NWOBHM scene cult LP that’s a bit different, or discover it for the first time to see what it’s all about. Either way – good stuff.
Highly Recommended


01. The Taker
02. You Got Me Running
03. Skybird
04. Chevy
05. Too Much Loving
06. Turn On The Light
07. Shine On
08. Cold And Lonely
09. Rock On
10. Life On The Run
11. See The Light
12. Just Another Day

Martin Cure – Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar
Paul Shanahan – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve Walwyn – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bob Poole – Bass, Backing Vocals
Andy Chaplin – Drums, Percussion



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