DAWN PATROL – Bring On The Good Times [Japan Edition +1] (2022) *HQ*

DAWN PATROL - Bring On The Good Times [Japan Edition +1] (2022) - full

Bring On The Good Times” is the debut album by DAWN PATROL, a brand new Dutch collective led by producer, songwriter and musician Phil Martin (Martin & Garp), that sets out to explore the essence of West Coast AOR music, Soft-rock spirit and European rock&pop sensibility.
The result is an album that celebrates the slick LA sound of the early ’80s and pays homage to West Coast heroes like Pages and Player.
Sharing the love for the sound and spirit of late Seventies FM radio music, Phil and his likeminded musician partners in crime Rik van der Ouw (bass, keys) and Ruud van Halder (guitars, vocals) plus vocalists Baer Traa and Lo ‘Garp’ van Gorp (Phil’s partner in Martin & Garp), recorded eleven songs (this Japanese edition includes a bonus track) celebrating a pure freshness in easy to the ear harmonies and melodies.
This is an album that makes justice to its title: it really brings the feel good vibe of late ’80s / early ’80s via smooth melodies and and impressive crystalline production.
Highly Recommended



01 – Keep On Believin’
02 – Take The Shine
03 – Blossom
04 – Back Against The Wall
05 – One More Try
06 – Nostalgia
07 – Never Giving Up
08 – Donnie
09 – Before It Started
10 – Bring On The Good Times
11 – All I’m Trying To Say
12 – You’re The Only One

Lo ‘Garp’ van Gorp – lead & backing vocals
Bear Traa – lead & backing vocals
Ruud van Halder – guitars, lead & backing vocals
Phil Martin – drums, percussion
Rik van der Ouw – bass, piano, synths, Hammond



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