LE ROUX – So Fired Up [Rock Candy remaster]

LE ROUX - So Fired Up [Rock Candy remaster] full

LE ROUX was one of the most diverse rock bands in America. Starting as a blues unit they morphed into a more classic rock band, them Pomp AOR, and finally with the last album, Melodic Rock / AOR wonders. We’re talking about “So Fired Up“, one of the best recordings of all time in the genre crystal clear remastered by Rock Candy Records.
Le Roux is still active with different incarnations, but their peak of activity and brilliance occurred between the late Seventies and the first half of the ’80s.
The icing on the cake was the band’s 5th album “So Fired Up” with the addition of outstanding singer Dennis ‘Fergie’ Fredericksen (previously in superb pompsters Trillion and later in TOTO) and Jim Odom, a young guitarist who brought new ideas and sounds to the group.

LE ROUX - So Fired Up [Rock Candy remaster] booklet

I won’t spend too much time describing the songs in “So Fired Up” because all are incredible, magnificent.
This is a first rate, Classic Melodic Rock / AOR with CAPITALS, among the best AOR albums of All Time. Period.

LE ROUX - So Fired Up [Rock Candy remaster] back

Now this milestone in the genre has received the great 24-bit remastering from original source tapes by Rock Candy Records, and you have not excuses to not treasure this goldmine.


01 – So Fired Up
02 – Lifeline
03 – Let Me In
04 – Yours Tonight
05 – Line On Love
06 – Carrie’s Gone
07 – Wait One Minute
08 – Turning Point
09 – Don’t Take It Away
10 – Look Out

Fergie Frederiksen: vocals
Tony Haselden: guitar, backing vocals
Jim Odom: guitar
Rod Roddy: keyboards
Leon Medica: bass, backing vocals
David Peters: drums, percussion



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