THE GREAT AFFAIRS – Sleepwalker (2023)

THE GREAT AFFAIRS - Sleepwalker (2023) - full

Formed in 2010, American rock band THE GREAT AFFAIRS initially started as an outlet for singer/songwriter Denny Smith’s acoustic-based material, but have since transformed into a melodic rock band with classic influences from the greats. Their new CD “Sleepwalker” is potent mix of retro pop and rock that immediately feels good.
Rather than focus on a specific genre, The Great Affairs decided to “let the songs lead the way.” And it definitely shows. The opening track, “When Love is the Drug,” has an ’80s pop&rock feel to it with big backing vocals, a lot of melody, and a driving guitar riff.
On the other hand, songs like “Gettin’ Outta Sight” falls into the style of ‘80s Californian hair rock, a tune similar to the bluesy rocking side of Great White ot Tesla. The song, with the lead vocals of drummer Kenny Wright are the perfect compliment to an intermittently grubby riff and slide guitar combo.

One thing for sure, however, is that ”Sleepwalker” is a commercial sounding album. The songs are melodic, easy listening, feel-good, plenty of pop hooks, catchy choruses, well placed backing vocals, and radio-friendly qualities.
“StrangeLuv,” specifically, sounds like modern day Def Leppard. Other album highlights include “Stevie,” the title track, and “Over the Moon.” The latter being a well-written ballad with an angelic piano melody.
Although just as energy driven, ‘Run’ has a much less retro sound. By blending ringing guitars and muted notes to create a strong pop-rock verse, and by loading up the harmonies, there are glimmers of radio friendly rock, but musically it’s almost unrecognisable as being The Great Affairs at all. In some ways, this is a good thing; it shows the band aren’t in a rut, and are still absorbing new influences.

THE GREAT AFFAIRS show their love of old style rock&pop, 80s radio melodic rock, American classic rock, and more, still sounding updated. The band’s music feels like a cool blend of old and new.
On ”Sleepwalker” the musicianship is great, and the importance of hooks is just as prevalent. In time, this band could become a favorite with the more open minded melodic rock fan.
Highly Recommended


01 – When Love Is The Drug
02 – Fever Breaks
03 – Stevie
04 – Sleepwalker
05 – Over The Moon
06 – StrangeLuv
07 – Gettin’ Outta Sight
08 – Embers
09 – Run
10 – Way Past Sundown
11 – Santa Lost My List (Didn’t Get Sh!t)

Denny Smith – lead vocals, guitars, harmonica, keyboards
Corey “Rizzo” Rozzoni – guitars
Matt Andersen – bass guitar
Kenny Wright – lead vocals, drums, percussion, talkbox



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