LUNATICA – Back to the 80’s (2022)

LUNATICA - Back to the 80's (2022) - full

Founded in the late Nineties, in subsequent years Swiss band LUNATICA became one of the most significant female fronted symphonic metal band with their albums being released by major label Frontiers Music. While LUNATICA went on hiatus with their last record dated from 2009, they are still active.
There’s a new album in the making, but meanwhile surprises with the release of “Back to the 80’s“, a collection of songs from their discography completely remixed with the addition of Eighties-style instrumentation.
Songs like ‘Words Unleashed’, ‘Still Believe’ or the stupendous ‘Song for You’ get new life with a set of synths / electronic drums backing tracks that makes these tunes feel like recorded in 1985. LUNATICA’s albums, despite the bombastic sympho metal production, always had a strong ’80s foundation in their songwriting, and now it shows with “Back to the 80’s”.
Done in a similar fashion of the ‘At The Movies’ project, you’ll love this!


01 – Words Unleashed (Back to the 80’s Remix)
02 – Sons of the Wind (Back to the 80’s Remix)
03 – Song for You (Back to the 80’s Remix)
04 – The Edge of Infinity (Back to the 80’s Remix)
05 – Avalon (Back to the 80’s Remix)
06 – Still Believe (Back to the 80’s Remix)
07 – Elements (Back to the 80’s Remix)
08 – Out (Back to the 80’s Remix)
09 – Neverending Story (Back to the 80’s Remix)

Andrea Dätwyler – vocals
Sandro D’Incau – guitars
Alex Seiberl – keyboards
Emilio “MG” Barrantes – bass
Ronnie Wolf – drums



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