KRELL – Deserts (2022)

KRELL - Deserts (2022) - full

“Deserts” is the result of an intense musical collaboration between the long-established singer and cofounder of Crying Steel, Luca Bonzagni, and Francesco Di Nicola (from melodic rockers Danger Zone, also ex Crying Steel). They have never played in Crying Steel simultaneously, but now, with the project named KRELL, they both express themselves in their entirety.
Krell is the name of the group, but it symbolically represents a precise objective: it’s a way for the artists to communicate in the most up-to-date way, the pure manifestation of classic hard&heavy music that they have both lived and experienced over the years.
For drums, the band has the artistic qualities of Paolo Caridi, a musician with countless recording experiences (Reb Beach, Geoff Tate, Michele Luppi) including his current involvement in the American duo Ellefson-Soto.

The ten classic hard rock inspired tracks were recorded at Pristudio in Bologna, Italy, and have therefore benefited from the long experience of Roberto Priori, who as a sound engineer, as well as an expert musical artist of the rock genre in its broadest sense, has skillfully immortalised the instruments in order to convey the precise intent of each song to the listener.

“Crushing Your Life“, melodic and groovy, is a good entry into the world of KRELL as well as the catchy “Secrets And Lies“. Those are the both sides of this band, add a pinch of progressive in the arrangements on a couple of tracks.
A very interesting new band, and a solid album very well produced & mixed
Highly Recommended


1. Desert
2. Crushing Your Life
3. Learn Or Burn
4. In The Cold
5. Pride
6. Secrets And Lies
7. Love’s A Flame
8. The River
9. Why I’m Here
10. The Mantis

Luca Bonzagni – Vocals
Paolo Caridi – Drums
Francesco Di Nicola – Guitar, Bass



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