WHITE LION – When The Children Cry; Demos & Rarities ’83​-​’89 [remastered 2022]

WHITE LION - When The Children Cry; Demos & Rarities '83​-​'89 [remastered 2022] - full

In their origins established in New York City where they recorded the first demos, WHITE LION later achieved multi-platinum success with a solid combination of skilled songwriting, extraordinary musicianship and, of course, bombastic, thoroughly entertaining live concert performances.
When The Children Cry; Demos & Rarities ’83​-​’89” compiles the very early White Lion takes, studio demo versions of “Wait,” “When The Children Cry” and “Lady Of The Valley” which were later re-recorded for the band’s monster major label debut, Pride, among others songs.
For many, these rawer, unpolished recordings are better than the uber-produced, showcasing White Lion’s real punch. As example, the version of “Tell Me” kills, especially the guitar work, and we largely prefer this one than the finally released.

According to the press release, these tracks have been remastered. Remastering demos? Well, overall audio quality is very good, enough to appreciate these great songs in its primal stage.
Highly Recommended


1. Hungry
2. Lady Of The Valley
3. Wait
4. Tell Me
5. Say Goodbye
6. When The Children Cry
7. Little Fighter
8. Cherokee
9. The Road To Valhalla



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