LIONS & GHOSTS – Velvet Kiss, Lick of the Lime (Deluxe & Remastered) [2022]

LIONS & GHOSTS - Velvet Kiss, Lick of the Lime (Deluxe & Remastered) [2022] - full

Once upon a time (mid to late 80s) a wide variety of established artists were dominating the mainstream charts – from pop to rock to hair metal – but there was some bands trying to do something different. Based in California, the band initially known as “Banner”, later changing their name to LIONS & GHOSTS, they were heavily influenced by The Beatles, T. Rex, and British Glam. They mixed those influences with a heavy dose of psychedelic sound which is readily evident in their first album, “Velvet Kiss, Lick of The Lime”.
Released in 1987, “Velvet Kiss, Lick of The Lime” resulted a different beast for the time, and their label didn’t know how to sell the LP and the band. Then opted to tag LIONS & GHOSTS as hard rock, but the album’s sound & style is much more than that.

LIONS & GHOSTS enjoyed a loyal, cult-like following in California, evening serving as the opening act for acts like Guns N’ Roses, The Alarm, The Church, Love and Rockets, and many more. And those bands serve as comparison to their music. I would add Gene Loves Jezebel as well, which is a good thing in my book.
Now 2022 ”Velvet Kiss, Lick of the Lime (Deluxe & Remastered)” is being reissued for the first time with 6 bonus tracks including rare single B-sides.


01 – Passion
02 – Man In A Car
03 – Mary Goes Round
04 – Stay
05 – Street Angel
06 – Girl On A Swing
07 – Love & Kisses From The Gutter
08 – When The Moon Is Full
09 – Contradiction
10 – Wilton House
11 – One Theme
12 – Outro
13 – Be Yourself [B-side]
14 – Contradiction (New York Mix)
15 – Contradiction (Psycho Mix)
16 – Contradiction (Heavy Mix)
17 – Contradiction (Dub Mix)
18 – Beneath The Joke [B-side]

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards – Rick Parker
Guitar, Vocals – Michael Lockwood
Bass, Vocals – Todd Hoffman
Drums, Vocals – Michael Murphy



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