JACK GREEN (feat. Ritchie Blackmore) – Humanesque [Bad Reputation remaster] HQ *Exclusive*

JACK GREEN (feat. Ritchie Blackmore) - Humanesque [Bad Reputation remaster] HQ *Exclusive* - full

Glasgow born singer / songwriter JACK GREEN is best known for his stints with T. Rex, Pretty Things and Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. Green went solo for his debut album 1980’s “Humanesque”, achieving an unexpected success containing the hit singles “Murder” and “This Is Japan”. Still remaining good friends, Ritchie Blackmore appears on lead guitar.
As requested, here’s “Humanesque” recent Bad Reputation Records remastered reissue. Green released two following 1981-82 albums, however “Humanesque” remains as a favorite with its blend of rock&pop and glam, straight guitar riffs and Jack’s cool vocals.

“Humanesque” is the album that made Green’s name. He recorded demos with former members of T. Rex. Green says his manager didn’t make a suitable producer available for the album, so he ended up doing it himself. The title for the album was thought up by New York sound engineer Lew Horowitz.
To describe Green’s albums, Western Canadian rock critics of that time used terms like: infectious, contagious, bloody good singer, molten metallic sound, prime pop material. This kind of supreme excellence was absolutely unexpected as Jack Green brilliantly blended pop with glam rock served with a sharp sound.
Guitar solos and riffs are very bright and captivating and performance is masterfully skillful too. So ”Humanesque” carries not just the spirit of the early 80s but also all the best inheritance of glam rock years.

Green’s nonchalant vocal delivery is matched up to some tight, guitar driven new wave pop yet rocking sound on this solo debut. Tracks like the dismissive “So Much,” slinky South Western “Valentina,” power pop jitters of “Babe,” and steadfast “Life On The Line” sport solid hooks and sparsely appointed, airtight performances.
“Factory Girl” is a favorite, more rocking than the other cuts.

A catchy, quality album that wraps up with a compulsory early 80’s eastern gazer, “This is Japan.” Keep an ear out for Ritchie Blackmore laying down the leads on “I Call No Answer.”
A pure ’80s classic sounding album, something that is a must own for all fans of the era.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Murder
02 – So Much
03 – Valentina
04 – Babe
05 – Can’t Stand It
06 – I Call No Answer (feat. Ritchie Blackmore)
07 – Life On The Line
08 – ‘Bout That Girl
09 – Thought It Was Easy
10 – Factory Girl
11 – This Is Japan

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Jack Green
Lead Guitar – Pete Tolson, Andy Dalby
Bass – Ian Ellis
Drums – Mac Poole
Keyboards – Brian Chatton
Saxophone – Mel Collins
Lead Guitar on 6 – Ritchie Blackmore



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