THE MISSION – Gods Own Medicine [Expanded reissue remastered]

THE MISSION - Gods Own Medicine [Expanded reissue remastered] - full

The Cult turned more metal, The Cure were more singable. Fields Of The Nephilim had better hats. But when it came to full-on, paisley-shirt, pointy-shoes pretensions, only The Sisters Of Mercy were more all-out gothic than THE MISSION. The two acts competed for chart action between 1986 and ’90, before falling victim to alt rock and the vanishing underground, but their legacies stand tall.
THE MISSION’s 1986 debut, ”God’s Own Medicine”, was massively ostentatious (the reverb; soundscapes; Led Zeppelin-esque atmospheres; showing off!) – and good, remaining as one of the finest examples of ’80s goth rock&pop.
As requested, here’s “Gods Own Medicine [Expanded reissue remastered]“, featuring some tracks slightly remixed and featuring bonus tracks. Songs like ‘Severina’ and ‘Wasteland’ still raise the old neck hairs, and fans will relish the previously hard to find original dark extended cut of ‘Love Me To Death’ among the bonuses.

Even though The Cult had already mastered the art of mashing goth with more traditional elements of classic (hard) rock, The Mission’s debut ”God’s Own Medicine” was the marker for goth rock’s invasion of the U.K. charts for a good chunk of the late ’80s.
Having already made a serious dent on the top reaches of the indie charts with some singles, The Mission were on the precipice of becoming big-name players in mainstream circles. Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams had plenty of goth cred, having played with and acrimoniously left the Sisters of Mercy in 1985, and Hussey’s ability to bring in elements of classic rock (Led Zeppelin influences) and English fantasy meant that he had a fan base in place and the added touches to reach the larger listening public.

In that light, ‘God’s Own Medicine’ was a hit, broadening The Mission’s appeal and establishing them as the flagship for the movement as it was unfolding.
“Wasteland,” “Severina,” and “Stay with Me,” all strong tracks and singles lifted off the LP, are key The Mission tracks, while “Blood Brother” (an homage to Cult leader Ian Astbury) and “And the Dance Goes On” deserve attention.
Highly Recommended


01 – Wasteland
02 – Bridges Burning
03 – Garden Of Delight (Hereafter)
04 – Stay With Me
05 – Blood Brother
06 – Let Sleeping Dogs Die
07 – Sacrilege
08 – Dance On Glass
09 – And The Dance Goes On
10 – Severina
11 – Love Me To Death (Guitar Instrumental Intro) *
12 – Love Me To Death
13 – Island In A Stream
14 – Wishing Well (Free cover) *
15 – Wasteland (Anniversary Mix) *
16 – Severina (Aqua-Marina Mix) *

* Bonus tracks

Wayne Hussey – vocals, guitars
Craig Adams – bass guitar
Mick Brown – drums
Simon Hinkler – guitars, keyboards
Julianne Regan – additional vocals
Adam Peters – string arrangements



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    Was never a big fan but this album really is the business!!

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