SCREAMER – Kingmaker (2023)

SCREAMER - Kingmaker (2023) - full

In little over a decade, Swedes SCREAMER have been evolving with their sound from trad classic metal to a more commercial punch and this year, early 2023, has the band releasing their latest album ‘Kingmaker’, a killer 10-tracker clocking in at just under 40 minutes, as in the good old times.
With a majority of songs at the four-minute mark driven by catchy power chords and catchy choruses, SCREAMER delivers a bass-flattened, synth-charmed style of metal that will please fans of the old and fans of the new. Fans of metal, fans of melodic hard rock. All with an ’80s smell.
Through tracks such as ‘Fall of a Common Man’, ‘The Traveler’ and the title track, SCREAMER show that this is an album which has a huge amount of re-playability where the listener is compelled to sing along to these anthemic tracks.

What really makes SCREAMER shine is not just their eye-grabbing name; it’s their ability to translate their infectious live energy to a studio album.
Right off the bat, the title track has a funky 80s-inspired metal guitar riff which showcases guitarists Jon Morheim and Dejan Rosić‘s talent. However, Andreas Wikström‘s vocals are the real star of the show. Whilst it is a slight cliché to say this, as the lead vocalist is often the most prominent member of the band, it is the truth here.
Whether it is the fast-paced, 70s-inspired ‘Rise Above’ or the metallic ‘Hellfire’, Wikström‘s rich singing is extremely pleasant to listen to. In fact, the entire album feels like you have been transported back to the late 1970s or 1980s; the production makes sure that all the songs have a distinct sound to more modern metal.

Those who want an excellent album of trad metal mixed with catchiness and melody will find that with ‘Kingmaker’ SCREAMER have once again delivered a killer CD, and anyone wanting to get their hands on a top album then ‘Kingmaker’ has already set the bar high for 2023.
Highly Recommended


01 – Kingmaker
02 – Rise Above
03 – The Traveler
04 – Hellfire
05 – Chasing the Rainbow
06 – Ashes and Fire
07 – Burn It Down
08 – Fall of a Common Man
09 – Sounds of the Night
10 – Renegade

Andreas Wikström – Vocals
Dejan Rosić – Guitars
Jon Morheim – Guitars
Fredrik Svensson Carlström – Bass
Henrik Petersson – Drums



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