ROYAL AUTUMN – Life Is Strangely Accidental (2023)

ROYAL AUTUMN - Life Is Strangely Accidental (2023) - full

Five-piece rock force ROYAL AUTUMN are about to release their new studio album, ”Life Is Strangely Accidental”, on 23rd February 23rd. The follow-up to 2018’s Music for The Bourgeoisie” EP saw the Dublin-based five-piece carve out a reputation known for their formidable live shows, and captivating melodic compositions that harness the true spirit of quality songwriting.
The impact of covid lockdown in 2020 found the group with unexpected extra time on their hands, and began working ton new material cultivating countless tracks that eventually became ”Life Is Strangely Accidental”.

Influenced by everyone from Fleetwood Mac or Judas Priest to melodic rock giants and ’80s hard rock, with a philosophy of complete freedom Royal Autumn has a: “we write whatever we feel like writing” approach.
Hence, ”Life Is Strangely Accidental” is a varied album, always firmly planted in the classic sound from the Eighties / Nineties. The core is Melodic Rock, but there’s much more in between.
The cool thing about ROYAL AUTUMN is the way they elaborate the songs. None sound the same. Take as example ‘Die For You’, a midpaced track with many melodic twists, different guitar sound throughout, harmony vocals here and there, etc.
Highly Recommended


01 – Watcha Got?
02 – Thin & Blond
03 – Take It To The Grave
04 – Life Is Strangely Accidental
05 – Die For You
06 – Hide The Night
07 – I’ve Got A Hold On You
08 – Lifetime
09 – Bloody Tree
10 – Say Goodbye

Neill Marshall – Lead Vocals/Guitars
Adam Smith – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Alina Normile – Keys/Vocals
Ciarán Hurd – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Roger Moran – Drums/Vocals


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