GATEKEEPER – From Western Shores (2023)

GATEKEEPER - From Western Shores (2023) - full

From Western Shores” is the new, upcoming album from Canadian melodic metallers GATEKEEPER. This Vancouver, British Columbia based band loves traditional 80s metal imaginary, and this new LP defines what epic, melodic classy heavy metal is all about.
It is reserved for the title track to open the new album. A dramatic riff marks the beginning of this metal journey including the high-pitched screams of vocalist Tyler Anderson establishing the frontman as a true metal siren. Anderson joined the band in 2022 and his addition has certainly benefited Gatekeeper’s sound.
Another line-up change is on guitar. It goes without saying that founder / guitarist Jeff Black (he also play keyboards / synths) is still in the game. With Adam Bergen, however, he has a new companion at his side and the two guitarists seem to harmonize excellently.

Besides razor-sharp riffs and a thundering rhythm section, ‘From Western Shores’ also impresses with well-crafted melody lines, which make songs like ‘Shadow and Stone’ grow into true metal hymns.
Also the following ‘Exiled King’, thematically about Harald Hardrada, the last Viking king, should be listened to by fans of well done heavy metal. Powerful, melodic and with the typical ‘huu’-screams the piece takes you into the world of Vikings.

It gets faster with ‘Twisted Towers’ while with ‘Desert Winds’ the whole brilliance of epic metal blazes up. With ‘Keepers of the Gate’ the end of the record had been reached and as expected the epic keeps the high standard of this release.

‘From Western Shores’ makes the heart of every epic metal fan beat faster. The Canadians deliver an impressive sophomore album that even after multiple listens still brings out new details to the surface.
This is pure metal, with melody, epicness everywhere, clichés… so ’80s, so fun.
Highly recommended


01 – From Western Shores
02 – Death On Black Wings
03 – Shadow And Stone
04 – Exiled King
05 – Nomads
06 – Twisted Towers
07 – Desert Winds
08 – Keepers Of The Gate

Tyler Anderson – Lead Vocals
Jeff Black – Guitar, Synth, Choir
Adam Bergen – Guitar, Choir
David Messier – Bass Guitar, Choir
Thomas Torma – Drums, Percussion


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