PALLAS – The Messenger (2023)

PALLAS - The Messenger (2023) - full

Forty years ago a band from Scottland recorded, not one, but two of the seminal rock albums of the ’80s. Now the classic PALLAS line-up returns with “The Messenger“, again with singer Alan Reed, who rejoined the band after more than a decade as a solo artist.
Featuring tracks like ‘Sign Of The Times’, ‘The Great Attractor’, ‘Fever Pitch’, ‘Heavy Air’, ‘The Nine’, and the eponymous ‘The Messenger’, the album encapsulates a spectrum of emotions, blending darkness with optimism, robust rock melodies with moments of introspection and marvel. It rocks out, yet has moments of tenderness and wonder.

This is an album which repays countless listens. With ‘The Messenger’, Pallas have created a rich musical tapestry which weaves back and forth from environmental concerns to a cold war grown hot once again. Musically is classic PALLAS, progressive, with melody.
PALLAS have managed the seemingly impossible – updating their sound without losing track of what gives them their identity.


1. Sign of the Times
2. The Great Attractor
3. Fever Pitch
4. Heavy Air
5. The Nine
6. The Messenger

Alan Reed – lead and backing vocals
Niall Mathewson – guitars, vocals
Graeme Murray – bass, Taurus bass pedals, 12-string guitar, vocals
Ronnie Brown – keyboards, vocals
Colin Fraser – drums, vocals


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