Y&T – Yesterday And Today Live [Digipak Expanded Edition +2] (2023) HQ *EXCLUSIVE*

Y&T - Yesterday And Today Live [Digipak Expanded Edition +2] (2023) HQ *EXCLUSIVE* - full

Metal Blade Records has just released an Expanded Edition of ”Yesterday and Today Live” from hard rock legends Y&T, in a 2-Disc Digipak. Recorded at San Jose Cabaret, December 29 / 31, 1990, Y&T performs here not only like if it was the last day of the year, but the last day of the world. The album was released in 1991.
Yesterday and Today Live Expanded Edition” adds 2 previously unavailable tracks completing 15 songs and more than 84 minutes of live Y&T recorded in 1990, with never-before-seen photos and two bonus tracks, ‘Earthshaker” and “Rescue Me.”
“Earthshaker” was originally on the first Yesterday and Today (self-titled) album in 1976, and was also the title of Y&T‘s 1981 third studio album. “Rescue Me” appears on the “Earthshaker” album. Both bonus tracks were recorded at the same shows, but never released until now.

Except when featuring new material or songs never recorded into the studio, some ‘Live’ albums are a bit obvious. However in Rock history has been Live recordings which largely surpased the original versions and became classics. In the case of Y&T isn’t the former, but their “Yesterday & Today Live” is pretty closer to the latter.
This recording captures Dave Meniketti & Co. at the peak of their game, a well-oiled line up which sounds incredible.

Singer/songwriter and guitarist Dave Meniketti says of the album: “Very happy to have this re-release of Yesterday and Today Live come together. This was recorded at a time when the band had decided to disband –however temporary that was– and these tracks were taken from what we considered were to be the last shows Y&T would perform.
Because of our state of mind at the time, songs like “Hard Times” were especially poignant. Even though the changing music industry had us in turmoil, the band was at the top of our game and these tracks give a good window into that time of our lives.
I believe this is truly one of our finest Y&T live recordings.“

These two shows presents the band’s “final” roster of Dave Meniketti, Phil Kennemore, Stef Burns and Jimmy DeGrasso as they tour the world one last time and support their album “Ten” together before choosing to call it a day.
The band’s original fan base knows full well how the group was once rounded out by Leonard Haze on drums and Joey Alves on guitar, but those members had been replaced for a few years by DeGrasso and Burns who really do a commendable job, making Y&T sounding updated to times.

“Yesterday & Today Live” paints a most impressive picture of Y&T, without a doubt one the greatest American hard rock bands from the ’80s. Enthusiasts of the genre who never saw Y&T live will wish they had after hearing this excellent album, which brilliantly captures the Bay Area headbangers’ vitality.
Turning its attention to material from the 1970s and 1980s, Y&T is in great form on gems that range from “Black Tiger,” “Beautiful Dreamer,” and “Winds of Change”, to “Hurricane,” “Midnight in Tokyo,” “I’ll Cry” – and the new offerings “Rescue Me” and “Earthshaker”.

”Yesterday & Today Live Expanded Edition” is as melodic as it is forceful. Classic hard rock with a lot of melody aficionados should make a point of obtaining this album, which is without a dull moment.
Highly Recommended

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Disc I
01 – Mean Streak (Live)
02 – Hurricane (Live)
03 – Don’t Stop Runnin’ (Live)
04 – Struck Down (Live)
05 – Winds of Change (Live)
06 – Black Tiger (Live)
07 – Midnight in Tokyo (Live)
08 – Beautiful Dreamer (Live)

Disc II
01 – Hard Times (Live)
02 – I’ll Cry (Live)
03 – I Believe in You (Live)
04 – Squeeze (Live)
05 – Forever (Live)
06 – Earth Shaker (Live)
07 – Rescue Me (Live)


Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar – Dave Meniketti
Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Stef Burns
Bass, Vocals – Phil Kennemore
Drums – Jimmy DeGrasso



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