TROOPER – Money Talks 1982 [0dayrox own LP vinyl-rip] *Exclusive*

TROOPER - Money Talks 1982 [0dayrox own LP vinyl-rip] *Exclusive* - full

Some time ago we featured the most relevant albums from cult Canadian rockers TROOPER. From 1975 to 1980, the Vancouver quintet produced five LP’s and a dozen Top 20 hits. In their early era Trooper was huge in Canada selling platinum, but due to MCA inept operations the band never made it big in America. There’s still a legal dispute and Trooper early albums only have been reissued on CD in Canada, now out of print.
After parting ways with the record label in the early ’80s, TROOPER made a deal with Wilson sisters HEART producer, Mike Flickr, to work together in a new album which would be released Flickr’s own label, but distributed in North America by big company RCA.
TROOPER wrote some really good melodic rockers and the result was “Money Talks“, issued in 1982, a quite successful LP from where no less than five singles were released getting considerable airplay. Flickr provided that 1981-82’s bright sound from the era, crisp & clear.
But as happens with most TROOPER discography, their albums are pretty hard to find on CD. In the case of “Money Talks” never was released on CD, nor available as digital download.
Don’t worry, the 0dayrox team did their magic and we have here our own, excellent LP vinyl rip of TROOPER’s “Money Talks”. We guess you won’t find a better sounding version of this album out there.

It’s fun how the album’s cover artwork reflects TROOPER dispute with MCA Records. Speaks for itself.
Regarding the music, if you love the American / Canadian melodic rock from 1981-1982 this is for you.
“Could’ve Been Me”, title track “Money Talks”, “Only A Fool”, “Ready For The Nite” and “This Must Be The Place” were the singles taken from the album, and of course are the best songs from the LP.
Especially “Ready For The Nite” is a winner, an AOR pumping tune with swirling keyboards / synths in the background and ‘that’ Eighties choruses.

A clean, very nice vinyl-rip by the 0dayrox team for you.
Highly Recommended


01 – Money Talks
02 – Only A Fool
03 – This Must Be The Place
04 – Lookin’ For Trouble
05 – Ready For The Nite
06 – Everything You Want
07 – Could’ve Been Me
08 – Any Minute Now
09 – It Comes & It Goes
10 – Dig A Little Deeper

Vocals – Ra McGuire
Guitar – Brian Smith
Drums – Tommy Stewart
Bass – Doni Underhill
Keyboards – Rob Deans


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