KINGOFTHEHILL – Sessions [New & Unreleased] (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive*

KINGOFTHEHILL - Sessions [New & Unreleased] (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

In 1990, KINGOFTHEHILL (KOTH) signed a major label record deal with SBK Records (a subsidiary of EMI Music). Scoring popular MTV Music videos for “I Do U” and “If I Say” and continuous touring throughout 1991 with White Lion, Trixter, Lynch Mob, Steelheart, Extreme, etc, KOTH were digging their heels in deep climbing the burgeoning walls of the life of Rock-n-Roll stars.
Fast forward 2023, KINGOFTHEHILL have reunited with all original members, lead singer Frankie Muriel, Jimmy Griffin (Guitar), Vito Bono (Drums), and George Postos (Bass), and inked a deal with FnA Records to release two albums.
One of ’em, titled “II” contains tracks recorded 1991-92 that were slated to be on the band’s sophomore release, which never did happen as the music landscape changed almost overnight. We already featured this release in exclusive some days ago.

Now it’s time for the second FnA Records KINGOFTHEHILL album titled “Sessions“, including new 2023 songs / recordings, plus unreleased material.
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


01 – Goodnight Intro
02 – United
03 – Dream Segue
04 – All Right
05 – Sex Segue
06 – Damn
07 – Is It My Body
08 – Hope Segue
09 – Better U (Acoustic Version)
10 – Wake Up (Outro)
11 – If I Say (Acoustic Version)
12 – I Do U (Remix)
13 – Get Lucky
14 – Take It Or Leave It (Live Unplugged)
15 – I Do U (Live Unplugged)
16 – Purple Haze (Live In Cleveland 1991)

Frankie Muriel (Vocals)
Jimmy Griffin (Guitar)
Vito Bono (Drums)
George Postos (Bass)



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