LIVING COLOUR (feat Steve Vai) – Cult of Personality [Re-Recorded – Sped Up] (2023) *Exclusive*

LIVING COLOUR (feat Steve Vai) - Cult of Personality [Re-Recorded - Sped Up] (2023) - full

LIVING COLOUR are releasing a re-recorded version of their 1988 funky hard rock hit “Cult of Personality“, engineered & mixed by the original producer of the song Mr. Ed Stasium. The band also recorded a special version of the song with virtuoso Steve Vai and LIVING COLOUR guitarist Vernon Reid trading off incendiary solos.
The idea for the re-recording of the iconic song came up during LIVING COLOUR show in the last ‘Rock in Rio’ festival. Steve Vai joined the band to perform four songs, including covers of Jimi Hendrix’s “Crosstown Traffic” and Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll.” But the highlight was undoubtedly the rendition of “Cult of Personality,” with both guitarists playing killer licks.
Clearly, the band and Vai felt similarly, as they’ve now decided to join together on a studio re-recorded version of the hard rock classic. The release includes as well remixes of Cult Of Personality – ‘Sped Up’ & ‘Slowed’ – a joke from the band to critics and journalists that criticized them for not having a defined style / genre.


01 – Cult of Personality (Re-Recorded – Sped Up)
02 – Cult of Personality (Re-Recorded)
03 – Cult of Personality (Re-Recorded – Slowed)
04 – Cult of Personality (Rock in Rio 2022 Remix) [feat. Steve Vai]

Vernon Reid – guitar, synthesizer
Corey Glover – lead vocals
Will Calhoun – drums, percussion, keyboards
Doug Wimbish – bass, backing vocals
Steve Vai – guest guitar



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