COLORVINE (ex TOWER CITY) – Wake Up [reissue +2]

COLORVINE (ex TOWER CITY) - Wake Up [reissue +2] - full

American melodic rock band COLORVINE were formerly known as TOWER CITY. Under the Tower City moniker the group put out a couple of celebrated albums for the genre during the ’90s, then changed their name to COLORVINE due to some industry label issues. The band remained active all these years, and did their ‘comeback’ as COLORVINE with the album “Wake Up” featured in exclusive at 0dayrox when released in 2019. But the CD only was available in Europe.
A year after, COLORVINE re-released “Wake Up +2“, including two bonus tracks. As requested, here’s that expanded edition. This is great collection of classic Melodic Rock tunes with a modern sound and a wonderful feel-good vibe.

As always fronted by brothers Larry and Heath Saltis, these talented musicians are back with a bunch of timeless melodic, energetic melodic songs, brilliantly focused as songwriters.
This is what Tom Martin of VEGA said about “Wake Up”: “We are digging the new Colorvine album… sounds like Tower City with a modern edge, melodic and timeless”. And that’s more than a relevant compliment for sure, coming from one of the best songwriters from the genre.

“Wake Up” is indeed, a 12-track no-filler album full of lovely, singalong songs with a classic feeling yet wrapped by a modern, updated production. Musically, think like a cross between HONEYMOON SUITE, ’80s RICK SPRINGFIELD, LOVERBOY, 7th HEAVEN, some BOULEVARD… you get the picture.

The song ‘Radio Days’ really states what this album is about. “We want to bring people back to those days of turning up the radio and singing our favorite songs – even listening to an entire album like we used to!” said co-founder Heath Saltis.
With a chorus that invites the listener to “run and chase the music they love”, the first track ‘Like A Rocket’ sets an urgency that Colorvine has a new message for the listener. One that suggests strongly that it’s time for us to find the energy and excitement in the listening experience again.

‘Victory Song’ features big harmonies, infectious drum beats and driving guitars that will have you pressing repeat as soon as the song finishes.
The album’s title track ‘Wake Up’ may very well have the widest appeal as it challenges listeners to find their own meaning within the lyrics. There’s a smooth ballad in ‘Be The One’, and a soaring melodious line on ‘Closer’.

Remember the way the radio used to feel? Ohio-based Colorvine seems determined to make us feel that way again with “Wake Up”.
With a focus on “giving the people what they want” – that meaning emotion and melody in Rock again – Colorvine proves they can still excite listeners with their own brand of Melodic Rock that mixes past and present, and in this ‘singles era’, encouraging people to listen to an album from beginning-to-end again.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Like a Rocket
02 – Victory Song
03 – Wake Up
04 – Radio Days
05 – Weather
06 – Smoke
07 – Happy Broken Heart
08 – Be the One
09 – Closer Than I’ve Ever Been
10 – Say You Love Me
11 – Hangnail (Bonus Track)
12 – Steroid (Bonus Track)

Larry Saltis – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Heath Saltis – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Kurt Reed – Bass, Background Vocals



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