DEEP PURPLE – Made in Japan [The Complete Japanese Tour ’72 / All Three Nights Box 4-CD] *HQ*

DEEP PURPLE - Made in Japan [The Complete Japanese Tour '72 / All Three Nights Box 4-CD] *HQ* - lossless full

As requested by many, here’s the release of DEEP PURPLE legendary album “Made in Japan“, in its 4-CD Box Set documenting the band’s complete 1972 live tour-de-force in Japan. For the original “Made in Japan” tracklist the tracks were selected from the different shows – this box set features for the first time all gigs, complete.
We have all three nights (Osaka 15th on CD1, 16th August on CD2, and Tokyo 17th August on CD3) and all the encores collected on a fourth disc (six tracks, including three versions of Black Night!). All the audio for this reissue has been newly remixed by Martin Pullan.
Additionally, we have here a complete Hardcover Book and the awesome Tour Programm re-printed.

Live albums were not in rerum natura, as they say. Deep Purple took their first tour in Japan seriously, and brought the Rolling Stones mobile with them to record it. No stranger to live recordings (or being bootlegged!) the MK II line-up was taped on all 3 dates at Osaka and Tokyo.
The result was a staggering success, and captured the band’s stage show at it’s electrifying best. Blistering harmony & unison interplay between Blackmore and Lord, a rhythm section containing the one of the world’s best rock drummer in Ian Paice and the hugely underrated Roger Glover on bass was capped off by a storming performance of Ian Gillan’s silver throated vocal.
Having just recorded ‘Machine Head’ the bulk of the set comes from that LP – but “Child in Time” (from In Rock) is an astonishing testament to how good DP were at the time. The best live rock band on the planet, by some considerable margin.

DP’s instrumentals were well crafted, and had some huge cues. If you listen to any of their live stuff in any depth you’ll see what I mean. On these shows, the opener, “Highway Star”, introduces you to a band live in full force. “Smoke on the Water” is considered to be the band’s most memorable riff by the public (check out any music shop on a Saturday afternoon!) and “The Mule” is a Paice solo spot.
“Child in Time” is just stratopherical, while “Strange kind of Woman” is the standout track for me – Blackmore and Gillan (so often at odds with each other) united on stage with the question and answer phrasing and posturing. The “Lazy” is Jon Lord’s tour de force. Then the rousing 20 minutes of “Space Truckin’ has a bit of everything.
Now we can hear awesome versions of ”Speed King”, ”Black Night”, and ”Lucille” from that gigs – and that’s great!

The sound and clarity obtained on this release is truly awesome. There’s a subtle remix done from the original tapes to perfectly match the multi-track recording metrics, and now thanks to modern technology, everything fits into place.
Purists don’t be scared; the recording has not been changed, the remix was done to fit the tapes as it should have been done originally but technological limitations prevented. Mastering is first class, no gaps.
Plus, it’s really cool to read / see the Hardcover Book and the original Tour Programme.

This impressive box set isn’t cheap – over $ 250 – but worth every cent. A great piece of Rock history – perhaps the greatest Hard Rock live album ever – now complete with an incredible sound.


CD1 Osaka 15th August
01 – Highway Star
02 – Smoke On The Water
03 – Child In Time
04 – The Mule (Drum Solo)
05 – Strange Kind Of Woman
06 – Lazy
07 – Space Truckin’


CD2 Osaka 16th August
01 – Highway Star
02 – Smoke on the Water
03 – Child in Time
04 – The Mule
05 – Strange Kind of Woman
06 – Lazy
07 – Space Truckin’


CD3 Tokyo 17th August
01 – Highway Star
02 – Smoke On The Water
03 – Child In Time
04 – The Mule
05 – Strange Kind Of Woman
06 – Lazy
07 – Space Truckin’


CD4 Encores From All Three Nights
01 – Black Night (Osaka, Japan 15th August 1972)
02 – Speed King (Osaka, Japan 15th August 1972)
03 – Black Night (Osaka, Japan 16th August 1972)
04 – Lucille (Osaka, Japan 16th August 1972)
05 – Black Night (Tokyo, Japan 17th August 1972)
06 – Speed King (Tokyo, Japan 17th August 1972)

Ian Gillan – lead vocals, harmonica
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Jon Lord – keyboards
Ian Paice – drums
Roger Glover – bass



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