GEORGE GAKIS – Parallel Dimensions (2023)

GEORGE GAKIS - Parallel Dimensions (2023) - full

Mixed & mastered by the unique Kip Winger, “Parallel Dimensions” is the upcoming solo new album from experienced Greek rocker GEORGE GAKIS, frontman of Troublemakers, a band with three decades in the business.
The album comprises 12 songs written by George where his super-talented little brother Bob Saganas play some terrific riffs & solos influenced by – guess what – Reb Beach, resulting into a melodic hard rock album with of course, Winger influences, but also Tyketto, Ken Tamplin, House Of Lords and more.
Alternating melodic hard rockers, midpaced bluesy rockers and ballads, the production of “Parallel Dimensions” is impeccable.


01 – Insane
02 – Everything You Want
03 – Who Made You A Woman
04 – Nightmare Dreamer
05 – Fake
06 – Torn
07 – Parallel Dimensions
08 – My Daddy Said
09 – I Love To Kiss Your Love
10 – Some Other Man Will
11 – Dancing With Your Demons
12 – In The Name Of Rock ‘n’ Roll

George Gakis (lead and backing vocals)
Bob Saganas (guitars, bass)
Sotiris Gakis (drums)


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