SHOWDOWN – Feel The Heat (2023)

SHOWDOWN - Feel The Heat (2023) - full

German Hard Rock band SHOWDOWN are releasing new music 2023 in the form of ‘‘Feel The Heat”. The band from Bielefeld, Germany, play traditional Hard Rock in the vein of the 80s, with melodies and choruses inspired by a time when rock n’ roll was fun. The strong influence of this era can also be found in the general appearance of the musicians, for example, their style of clothing and their stage performance.
The band was founded in 2017 and started writing their own song material from an early point onwards. After the release of a couple of demo versions on Spotify and two line-up changes on bass and drums, the current line-up of Showdown, consisting of Nikki Z (vocals), Glen Vega (guitar), Alek Saint (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Keith Louis (bass) and Johnny Machine (drums), had been established in 2019.

About a year after the arrival of the latest band member, Johnny Machine, some gigs and another released demo of their song “Black Viper“, Showdown began recording their debut studio album in April 2020. This fully independent production was published later in the same year, hitting streaming services on 20 December 2020, and was also made available in a physical version on CD.
During 2020, the pandemic made it difficult for Showdown as for many other bands to play live concerts, to which the band reacted by hosting a few livestreams from their rehearsal room before live duties could be resumed mid-2021.

The return to the stage and the release of their single “In The Name Of Love“ in 2021, Showdown also participated in the SPH Music Masters contest (which had been delayed from 2020 because of the pandemic). They achieved first place in both the regional finals in July 2021 and exactly one year later in the semi-finals in July 2022, making their way into the finals, where they also reached first place, winning the 2020 season of the contest.

Next to those SPH Music Masters gigs, Showdown played a series of other concerts in 2022, such as the self-organized beneficial concert Metal Aid. In September of the same year, the band entered the studio to record ”Feel The Heat”.


1. Freedom Calls
2. I Ain’t Here For Love
3. Love Bites
4. One Shot At Your Heart
5. Rock Your Life
6. Slave To The Game

Vocals: Nikki Z
Guitar & Keyboards: Alek Saint
Guitar: Glen Vega
Bass: Keith Louis
Drums: Johnny Machine



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