CRASHING WAYWARD – Listen! (2023)

CRASHING WAYWARD - Listen! (2023) - full

”Anytime a new artist breaks into fresh territory like this, it tends to defy explanation. Terms like new, modern rock certainly apply, but we’re seeing – and hearing – a much bigger picture here. Crashing Wayward is one of those rare acts with the potential to make musical history”. That’s what Ron Keel said about this new, Las Vegas based band.
CRASHING WAYWARD debut album titled “Listen!” has been produced by heavy hitter Mike Gillies, whose credits include a long tenure with Metallica as well as studio work with Motley Crue and The Cult. This is modern, yes, but different. It has retro rock n’roll on it, pop, and a sense for a good melody, while a fresh sonic output.
All four band members contribute with songwriting, and all have different types of influences, so this creates a unique sound.

Upon launching the opening song “Mouth To God’s Ear,” the first thing you notice is the remarkable voice of lead singer Peter Summit. His tone is rich and solid, his range is wide, and his style is dramatic and expressive. He goes smoothly from a low, dynamic whisper to soaring high notes and intuitively communicates the meaning of his lyrics, not just their phonetic sound. Park his pipes on top of the crunching groove the band puts down and you get yourself a true rock and roll experience.

“Closer” combines an atmospheric guitar hook with another big-league rock pocket and Summit’s urgent vocal lines. The levels of song and guitar craft are high with this lot and they use every note, tone, and word quite intentionally. The guitar sounds are distinct, well-conceived, and mixed so they remain crisp and listenable.
It’s rare to find a band that’s as inventive as they are energetic but here we are in a muscled-up, cheese-free zone.

Speaking of guitars, “Tilly” is a study in layering the right number of distinctive tracks with enough atmospheric space to put an instinctive yearning in your heart. The guitars perfectly align with Summit’s melancholy vocals about a departed love and will take your soul with them. Crashing Wayward can absolutely rock but they also deal in more serious emotions well and will get you on their side.
“Breathe” is an anthemic, detailed tune with a superb drum performance from drummer Shon McKee. He adds much nuance to the group’s rock sound and knows how to keep each section of song connected and interesting. The closer you listen, the more you’ll hear.

Other highlights on Listen! include “Disco Kills” and the closing track “Velvets Drawn.” Crashing Wayward has the dual gifts of outstanding creative instincts and full control of the power of rock and roll. They’re one of the most vital and alive new bands you’ll check out in 2023 or any other year.
Crank them up and feel the heat for yourself.
Highly Recommended


01 – Mouth to God’s Ear
02 – Closer
03 – Stranger Days
04 – Disco Kills
05 – Tilly
06 – Shake The Dead Awake
07 – Staring At Ceilings
08 – Death On Holiday
09 – Paper Airplane Heart
10 – Breathe
11 – Velvets Drawn

Vocals – Peter Summit
Guitars – Stacey David Blades, David Harris
Bass – Carl Raether
Drums – Shon McKee



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