COASTWISE – Hard Rock Is Back (2023)

COASTWISE - Hard Rock Is Back (2023) - full

The music world is experiencing a Rock revival with fronts manifold. On one hand, bands like Greta Van Fleet, Thundermother, The Dead Daisies and Dirty Honey are infusing the more traditional classic rock & hard rock with much needed vigor and energy. On the other hand, many other groups have been reintroducing the best of traditional heavy metal into the 2010s and 2020s music scene.
Rockers COASTWISE fuse both sides..
With one foot square in hard rock and another directly in traditional metal, Coastwise blends the two into an enjoyable cocktail of Hard n’ Heavy. Their debut album “Hard Rock Is Back” has everything one could possibly want from the two styles: sharp riffs, soaring vocals, groovy basslines, catchy choruses to sing-along, tight and bullet-like drums, killer solos, some power ballads, and so on.
Of course, “Hard Rock Is Back” makes justice to its title, the album is mostly hard rock but the pinch of trad metal makes things even more palatable.

After releasing their first EP in 2022, with “Hard Rock Is Back” Coastwise’s goal is to introduce a new generation of music lovers to what they call ‘’the flame of hard rock’’.
Take a song like ‘Waking Nightmare’; it’s the perfect gateway into the band’s arsenal. It joins the two musical sides of the band into the best way to please newcomers and veterans alike. Then ‘Gimme What You’ve Got‘, brings out the band’s more groovy side, with a nice swing and a strong bass punch to boot.
Highly Recommended


01 – Make Yourself Ready
02 – Hard Rock Is Back
03 – Vampire Love
04 – Gimme What You´ve Got
05 – Call Me Again
06 – I’m on Fire
07 – To The Top
08 – Jungle Showdown
09 – Waking Nightmare
10 – Lamb In The Dark

Arthur Melchior Pagliarini – vocals
Histem Jr – guitar
Aivan Sousa – bass
Breno Carlini – drums



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