DARE FORCE – Makin’ Our Own Rules ’85 + S/T ’85 [2-in-1 band self-released / remaster] (2017)

DARE FORCE - Makin' Our Own Rules '85 + S/T '85 [2-in-1 band self-released / remaster] (2017) - full

Yesterday we featured the just reissued DARE FORCE 1989’s album ‘Firepower’, now we have here the first 2 albums from this very good, cult US Melodic Hard Rock / AOR outfit.
Originally released in 1985, “Makin’ Our Own Rules” was DARE FORCE debut album consisting of 10 hot songs. However the band had many other songs already previously recorded and decided to release them.
A double disc was impossible for an indie band, then “Makin’ Our Own Rules” was the ‘official‘ debut, with the remaining songs being standalone released, only on cassette, and simply titled “Dare Force”. Needless to say – if “Makin’ Our Own Rules” became hard to find over the years, that self-titled cassette is a collectors piece.

Fortunately both albums were reissued two decades ago but went out of print soon. Due fan’s demand, founding member Brian Bart – a recording studio owner, Logic Recordings – re-released by himself ”Makin’ Our Own Rules + Dare Force” both albums into one CD.
This disc (hard to find again) includes 20 tracks from the band’s two 1985 albums before the release of ‘Firepower’. What you get is nothing short of pure mid-80s US melodic hard rock bliss. Dare Force features the great riffing guitars of Bart along with catchy, pump-rockin’ songs. Some of these songs even include David Reece, former vocalist of Accept, now Bangalore Choir.
You can’t go wrong with this one.


Makin’ Our Own Rules:
01 – Looking For Some Action
02 – Just One Night
03 – Running From Your Shadow
04 – Not Gonna Let You Hurt Me
05 – Let It Fly
06 – Makin’ Our Own Rules
07 – Come When You Call
08 – Double Dealer
09 – Waited Such A Long Time
10 – You’re In Danger
Dare Force (self-titled):
11 – Soul On Fire
12 – Dreamin’ With You
13 – Pushin’ Your Luck
14 – Don’t Turn your Heart Away
15 – Tying To Make It
16 – You’re A User
17 – Wanna Rock And Roll
18 – Agent Of Night
19 – Living Without You
20 – On My Way

Johnny O’Neil – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Brian Bart – Guitar, Background Vocals, Keyboards
Brian Lorenson – Bass
Johnnie Bolin, Mak Miller – Drums
David Reece – Background Vocals (not credited)


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