TALISMAN (Jeff Scott Soto) – Genesis [Deluxe Edition / extra tracks]

TALISMAN - Genesis [Deluxe Edition 2012] (2012)

Swedish / American melodic hard rockers TALISMAN still remains as one of my favorites in the genre. All the Talisman catalog has just been reissued by a Swedish label with new artwork, newly remastered audio and previously unreleased material.
Their second album “Genesis” is, in my opinion, the band’s best and Jeff Scott Soto finest recording ever. Talisman incorporated the best elements of ’80s AOR and early ’90s commercial Hard Rock and did so at a time when mainstream musical tastes no longer cared much for this kind of music.
Hearing “Genesis” you have to wonder why this band wasn’t huge. Even in the grunge-drenched years a band this good should have broke through to the masses.

“Genesis” is just a fantastic example of hard-hitting but very accessible, catchy Melodic Rock. It’s extremely well written and avoids the common clichés. Guitarist Guitarist Fredrik Akesson really shines paired with Marcel Jacob’s funky bass style. And of course Soto gives an incredible performance full of his trademark power and soul.
The main album was newly remastered in 2012 from the original masters, includes a different version of “Time After Time” and the track list was slightly changed.

The previously unreleased bonus tracks are real gems; original pre-production demos from 1990 where Marcel’s amazing bass playing and Jeff Scott Soto’s vocals are left from the original tapes, while the drums and guitars were recorded this summer in 2012.
The new recordings, sound and mix are awesome.
“Genesis [Deluxe Edition 2012]” is the very definition of a must-have Melodic Hard Rock album.


01 – Comin’ Home
02 – Time After Time [different version]
03 – Mysterious – This Time It’s Serious –
04 – If You Would Only Be My Friend
05 – All Or Nothing
06 – All I Want
07 – U Done Me Wrong
08 – I’ll Set Your House On Fire
09 – Give Me A Sign
10 – Lovechild
11 – Long Way To Go
12 – Run With The Pack [original Japanese bonus]
Bonus Tracks: Demo versions re-recorded & mixed 2012
Previously Unreleased
13 – Give Me A Sign [Demo version revisited 2012]
14 – Comin’ Home [Demo version revisited 2012]
15 – U Done Me Wrong [Demo version revisited 2012]
16 – Time After Time [Demo version revisited 2012]

Jeff Scott Soto: Lead & Backing Vocals
Fredrik Akesson: Guitars
Marcel Jacob: Bass, Drums, Guitar
Julie Greaux: Piano on 6
Jake Samuels: Drums


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