Thomas Carlsen’s TRANSMISSION – A Brave Horizon (2023)

Thomas Carlsen's TRANSMISSION - A Brave Horizon (2023) - full

A Brave Horizon” is Norwegian electric guitar virtuoso Thomas Carlsen’s TRANSMISSION highly anticipated, first full-length album, a 52-minute collection of Classic Melodic Metal music, written and performed by Carlsen and 5 incredible vocalists from around the world.
“A Brave Horizon” was written and recorded in Carlsen’s home studio during the past four years with a detailed production obtaining a clean sound. After the vocalists had delivered their performances, mix and mastering duties were completed at Legend Recording Studio by Marius Danielsen in April 2023. Thomas Carlsen music is rooted in the 80’s style of hard rock and heavy metal.
“A Brave Horizon” is not only a record strongly infused with elements from Rainbow, Judas Priest and Dokken, it is also a fierce, soulful metal album in its own right. Carlsen brand of melodic metal also can be compared with ’90s Malmsteen or Axel Rudi Pell, with a touch of neo-classical and AOR.


01 A Brave Horizon (intro)
02 The Fire Within – Vocals By Atli Gualaugsson
03 Flight Of The Wolves – Vocals By Arnaud Menard
04 Keys To Reality – Vocals By Alain Concepcion
05 Transcending Time – Vocals By Marius Danielsen
06 – Force Majeure – instrumental
07 Crownless – Vocals By Sebastian Palma
08 Vermilion Skies – Vocals By – Alain Concepcion
09 Climbing The Heights – Vocals By Sebastian Palma & Pancho Ireland
10 The Distant Chimes – Vocals By Atli Gualaugsson


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