MAMA’S BOYS – Mama’s Boys ’84 [2018 reissue] *HQ*

MAMA'S BOYS - Mama's Boys '84 [2018 reissue] *HQ* - full

Another MAMA’S BOYS album all ’80s hard rock fans need to check out is MAMA’S BOYS self-titled 1984 “Mama’s Boys“. After 3 strong independent albums and a tour with Scorpions, record labels get noticed and Jive / Arista Records signed MAMA’S BOYS.
“Mama’s Boys” was the Irish guys first international release, produced by expert Chris Tsangarides – who also supplied keyboards – to provide the band with a more melodic, radio friendly sound so in-vogue circa 1984.
This album introduced “Mama’s Boys” to America and showcased the band had the chops, the songs, the skills, and the looks to be one of the biggest hard rock bands of the 1980s, and earned their credibility opening for Rush, Ratt, and Bon Jovi, among others.
“Mama’s Boys” includes some of the band’s best cuts, and their cover of Slade’s “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” — that was released as a single, saw decent MTV airplay, and reached number 54 on the American charts, but was ultimately trumped by Quiet Riot’s number one version of the same song.

This eponymous release Mama’s Boys was intended to cherry-pick the best tracks from the band’s first years of independent activity as a means for new label, Jive Records, to introduce them to America. Thanks to Tsangarides the songs ended being more accessible, polished, with some keyboards into the mix.
Among the highlights we find a slick new version of “Needle in the Groove”, the favorite “In the Heat of Night,” “Runaway Dreams”, the AORish “Midnight Promises”, and their second LP standout “Gentleman Rogues”. The cover of Slade’s “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” is fun, and has a swirling solo by Pat ‘The Professor’ McManus.

This “Mama’s Boys” reissue sound quality is very good. The album never has been remastered but this transfer to disc has some good punch to it and cranks. It sounds better that a few other titles reissued from the same era.
“Mama’s Boys” is a must have for all Mama’s Boys fans. It is also required listening for ’80s hard rock fans who may not have heard much from the Boys.
Highly Recommended


01 – Crazy Daisy’s House Of Dreams
02 – Runaway Dreams
03 – Mama We’re All Crazee Now
04 – Gentleman Rogues
05 – Lonely Soul
06 – In The Heat Of The Night
07 – The Professor
08 – Midnight Promises
09 – Straight Forward (No Looking Back)

Vocals, Bass – John McManus
Guitar, Fiddle, Backing Vocals – Pat ‘The Professor’ McManus
Drums, Backing Vocals – Tommy McManus
Chris Tsangarides – Keyboards, Producer
Pete Harris – Fairlight
John Elstar – Harmonica (track 5)
Dee O’Malley, Jody Turner, Julie Turner – Backing Vocals


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  1. EricB69 says:

    This does not have their Sham 69 cover of “If The Kids Are United” Why is that cut so rare?

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