BILLY IDOL – Billy Idol ’82 [2-CD Expanded Edition] (2023) *HQ*

BILLY IDOL - Billy Idol '82 [2-CD Expanded Edition] (2023) *HQ* - full

BILLY IDOL self-titled 1982’s debut album has been remastered and expanded for an anniversary reissue which arrives a year later, but well worth the wait: this “Billy Idol [2-CD Expanded Edition]” reissue presents the remastered album plus a bonus CD with an unreleased concert from the Roxy in Hollywood in 1982 and a “recently unearthed”, epic and previously unreleased 12-minute Clubland Extended Remix of ‘White Wedding’ – done in 1983 but never released.
The 1982 album feature the singles ‘Hot In The City’ and ‘White Wedding’ which were top 30 and top 40 singles in America respectively (White Wedding was reissued in the UK in 1985 and was a top 10 hit).

Billy Idol’s self-titled debut album eventually broke the singer in America, but not without a struggle. In 1981, he left Generation X and launched his solo career, borrowing the group’s final single, the dance-rock standard “Dancing with Myself,” for his first solo release, a four-song EP called Don’t Stop.
Billy Idol was prefaced in June 1982 with the single “Hot in the City,” which made the Hot 100, but the album was given a second breath of life (and a higher chart peak) a year after its release when its second single, “White Wedding,” finally caught on after an eye-catching video played on MTV and made the Top 40 in July 1983.

An attempt was then made to resurrect “Dancing With Myself,” which was added to the album (the track “Congo Man” being deleted) but this 2-CD Expanded Edition includes the original track list with “Congo Man” as track 10.
Those three hits remain the album’s strongest, if only because they are the best realized as songs; elsewhere, Idol and guitarist Steve Stevens have constructed a series of dance-rock tracks along the lines of “Dancing With Myself,” mixing quick tempos with slashing guitar chords and occasional hook elements (a backup choral chant here, a saxophone part there).
The LP is full of energetic, straight-ahead rock & roll, driven by Idol gritty, aggressive voice and Stevens sharp riffs. They are backed by a first-rate rhythm section of New York musicians who give his songs musical depth while keeping up a relentless pace. Idol’s combination of rock & roll energy and pop melodies makes this a very satisfying album.

The main album on CD 1 adds “White Wedding (Clubland Extended Remix)”, an epic, unreleased extended version (12+ minutes!) of pure joy for ’80s fans and collectors.
CD 2 features a Previously Unreleased concert captured Live At The Roxy, August 12, 1982 – the sound quality and mix is top notch.

Idol will continue to take his lauded live show on the road this summer with a select run of headline tour dates. The run of shows includes a debut performance at New York City’s Kings Theatre, D.C.’s The Anthem, and Boston’s MGM Music Hall, as well as an appearance at Jazz Aspen Snowmass.
Performing a career-spanning set featuring his iconic hits and new music from his latest EPs, Idol will be joined by his longtime band, including his collaborator and lead guitarist of over forty years, Steve Stevens.
Highly Recommended


Disc 1 – Billy Idol (1982) Remastered
01 – Come On, Come On
02 – White Wedding (Part 1)
03 – Hot In The City
04 – Dead On Arrival
05 – Nobody’s Business
06 – Love Calling
07 – Hole In The Wall
08 – Shooting Stars
09 – It’s So Cruel
10 – Congo Man
Previously Unreleased Bonus Track:
11 – White Wedding (Clubland Extended Remix)


Disc 2 – Live At The Roxy, 1982 (Previously Unreleased)
01 – Baby Talk (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
02 – Untouchables (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
03 – Come On, Come On (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
04 – Hot In The City (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
05 – Dead On Arrival (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
06 – Heavens Inside (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
07 – Ready Steady Go (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
08 – Hole In The Wall (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
09 – Shooting Stars (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
10 – Kiss Me Deadly (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
11 – White Wedding (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
12 – Nobody’s Business (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
13 – Dancing With Myself (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
14 – Mony Mony (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)
15 – Triumph (Live at The Roxy, August 12, 1982)

Vocals, Guitar – Billy Idol
Guitar – Steve Stevens
Bass – Phil Feit
Drums – Steve Missal



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