AOR – Bewitched In L.A. (2023) *HQ*

AOR - Bewitched In L.A. (2023) *HQ* - full

Since the year 2000, Frédéric Slama has released 22 albums with his project AOR, with the who’s who of AOR Westcoast music & Melodic Rock involved. Now in 2023, AOR is back with perhaps the most ’80s sounding album of all its career, with unforgettable arrangements reminding us the sound of the classic era recalling Journey, Le Roux, Franke & The Knockouts or Foreigner.
Titled “Bewitched In L.A.“, this CD is also the most ‘band style’ album from the AOR project: while usually there were an all-star crew featuring dozen of artists, this time Slama is joined by Paul Sabu who did all the lead & backing vocals on the entire recording, and Tommy Denander performing almost all instruments.
If you want to step back in time with pure AOR bliss, check out “Bewitched in L.A.”, for sure one the most consistent and melodic of all Slama albums. Indeed, this time with only one singer aboard the AOR project, the sound is closer to a real band.

“Bewitched In L.A.” is mostly uptempo (with the exception of closer ‘Never Give Up On Love’) with song structures quite different from previous AOR albums – this time is more mid-Eighties melodic rock oriented and less West Coast.
There’s an anthemic punch on many numbers here, accented by synths / piano stabs in the best 1983-1984 fashion, all very melodic and pretty catchy. Sabu’s voice is in good form, a bit worn-out by age but still with that ‘special touch’.

Special mention to Denander to give AOR a different sonic approach, very vintage yet effective for these songs songwriting skeleton.
“Bewitched In L.A.” is a welcomed change for the AOR project to avoid repeating themselves and delivering an album which on at places sounds like recorded 1984 – and that’s a good thing.
Highly Recommended


1. Behind Closed Doors
2. Dangerously Smart
3. You Don’t Have To Tell Me Lies
4. Stolen Future
5. Manifestation Of Human Desires
6. Frozen Soul
7. Private Number
8. Breaking The Rules
9. Never Give Up On Love

Frdric Slama: Guitars, Keyboards
Paul Sabu: All Lead & Background Vocals
Tommy Denander: All Instruments



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